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Cultural Events

Cultural Events

Balu, The Eternal Legend: A Tribute to SP Balasubrahmanyam by K Ramachari and Swapna

23rd January 2021
19.35 -21.00

SP Balasubrahmanyam strode like a colossus the South Indian film scene like no other singer has done before. His versatility, language fluency and diction in multiple languages, flawless singing in a mesmerising voice, have left a deep impact. The void left by his death is difficult to fill. Several budding musicians, nurtured by his talent show have gone on to find their place in films, TV and private albums. This show is a musical tribute by artists to this singer, actor, composer, mimic, and a teacher. 

Mouth Organ Melodies- Hyderabad Harper

24th January 2021
13.00 -13.30

Hyderabad Harpers:

Harmonica group – Spreading harmony through harmonica – is a group of enthusiastic harmonica players of all ages and from all walks of life. They meet on every Sunday morning at Indira Park, Hyderabad. They also teach harmonica free of cost.

Music: Rap and hip-hop by Thugs Unit (Mo Boucher and Irish Boi)

24rd January 2021
15.35 - 15.55

Thugs Unit are a conscious rap and hip-hop duo from India. Formed in 2006 by ‘Mo Boucher’ (Mudassir Ahmed) and ‘Irish Boi’ (Syed Irshad), Thugs Unit were the first Urdu hip-hop group from Hyderabad and today they are regarded as India’s finest, most seasoned, and versatile rappers. Their latest album Resurrection 040, which presents a unique blend of Sufi music and Jamaican reggae, was released in November 2020.