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Festival Fridays

Hyderabad International Jazz Festival

Prose and Prosody 

 Hyderabad Poetry Showcase

 Malayalam Cinema Screening 

 Lions on the Throne

 Mehfil Hyderabad Ki

 Chindu Yakshagaanam 

 Interactive Session Urvashi Butalia on publishing women's voices from Kashmir 

 Violin Nomads


Hyderabad International Jazz Festival presented by Goethe-Zentrum Hyderabad, Alliance Francaise Hyderabad, and U.S. Consulate General Hyderabad

Venue: Phoenix Arena
22nd November 2019 | 18.30 hours

An amazing three day Jazz extravaganza with half a dozen bands from Germany, France, Switzerland, Meghalaya, Mumbai and Hyderabad – Enthralling Hyderabad Jazz lovers!

Prose and Prosody presented by Our Sacred Space

Venue: Our Sacred Space Auditorium 
29th November 2019 | 17.00 hours

A Poetry Workshop by G. Akila
Time: 5 to 5:40pm 

A Poetry Workshop: Our Sacred Space: HLF 2020

The session will aim at opening up senses to our surroundings to absorb images, play with synonyms and metaphors, looking beyond rhymes, letting the spirit be free and flowing in ink and with emphasis on editing. These will be demonstrated through a few good poems. 

G.Akila engages in free verse and Japanese forms of haiku and haibun in English. Her works have been published in anthologies and reputed online and print journals. She has presented poetry at reading events such as the Hyderabad Litfest 2019, Goa Arts and Literature Festival, 2016, TEDx-VNR VJIET College, Hyderabad and the Young Writers Festival 2017 edition of Sahitya Akademi. She is an active member of the Twin City Poetry Club, Hyderabad. Her poem ‘Stains’ is one of the ten poems shortlisted for the Womeninc Sakhi Award 2018. Currently, she is deciphering contours of a dream in her first manuscript of poetry.

Understanding Story Writing Workshop by Nayana
Time: 5:50 to 6:30  

For Children 8 to 15 years

It is everyone’s dream to write an enthralling story. Here’s a workshop where you will understand the nuances of writing that perfect short story, while analysing the process. This workshop brings out your creative genius.

Anaganaganaga! Storytelling by Bhoomika
Time 6:40 to 7:40 pm.

Language: Telugu

The storytellers at Bhoomika Theatre Group are eager to share their wonderful stories with you.

Come and join our journey where each of these stories will take you on a fun and exciting ride into their magical world.

 Udaya Bhanu Garikipati, the curator of these stories has been actively working towards TYA (Theatre for Young Audience). Bhoomika has been organizing the event, Anaganaganaga: where stories from different parts of the world are curated and performed for kids, taking them on a magical ride of wonderful adventures. Bhoomika, a theatre group founded by him in 1989 is a prominent group doing plays in Hindi and Telugu. He is also one of the key members of the International organisation, ASSITEJ,India – International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People. He is a Nandi Award winning director.


Hyderabad Poetry Showcase presented by Aaromale

Venue: Aaromale
6th December 2019 | 18.30 hours

Book reading – managed by Paresh Tiwari: 30 mins
Multilingual poetry showcase managed by Soumya Venkateshan: 60 mins
Storytelling supported by live dance and music managed by Alick Bailey: 30 mins
Book or art display along the corridors.

Malayalam Cinema Screening presented by Moving Images

Venue: TBA
13th December 2019 | 18.30 hours

Duration: 29 Min with Subtitles
Director: Vipin Vijay

SYNOPSIS: The video art got created mainly from different locations of archaeological, geological and anthropological importance in India, starting from Paleolithic to Megalithic cultures and held together by performances within museum spaces and poetic inter-titles related to the ideas of ritual love-death relationship.

Director: Vipin Vijay
Producer: Vipin Vijay
Creative Collaboration & Editing: Deb Kamal Ganguly
Screenwriting & Art Décor: Vipin Vijay, Deb kamal Ganguly
Camera: Rahul Balachandran
Editing: Deb Kamal Ganguly
Music & Sound Design: Jose Tome, Antonio Ferreira, Jeremy Hegge, Keith De Mendonca, Joe Stevens
Performers: Irena Mihalkovich, Ian Mozdzen
Assistant Director: Divin Haridas
Titles: Jerin James Joe
Technical Support: Anu George


Duration: 104 Min
Director: Vipin Vijay

SYNOPSIS : A computer teacher, his black-magician grandfather and a cyber-creature — a series of pre-destined rendezvous, both online and offline, over the shreds of mnemonic time and space, at the cleavages of various parlors of subculture — finally the narrative images of the computer screen are drained off from the color and the texture, the images collapse down to a mere pulsating pixel, potentially to start another cycle of the story once again.  


Athira, Sandeep Chatterjee, Reghoothaman, Arundhathi Singha, Gopalan and Jose Kumudi


Cinematography: Shahnad Jalal
Sound Design: Subhadeep Sengupta
Editing: Debkamal Ganguly
Story: R. Nandakumar
Production Design: Rajesh Karthy

Producer: Altaf mazid, Zabeen Ahamad, Subrata Roy for Unknown Films with support from Hubert Bals Film Fund, Rotterdam, Goteborg Film Fund,  Goteborg, Sweden, and the Global Film Initiative, US.

Screenplay and Direction: Vipin Vijay
Malayalam/35 mm – Color/104 Minutes/India/2011

Vipin Vijai – Multiple award winning Indian screenwriter, video artist, academic, producer and filmmaker, Vipin Vijay’s works are made under strict independent codes and defy any categorization merging film, documentary, essay, and fiction all into one. His works portray the never-ending interfaces between times, mythical and historic; technologies, new and old; ways of living, past and present, that cut across and connect cinema and reality, memory and image, dream and experience, man and machine. Apart from widely shown in film festivals like Rotterdam, Karlovy Vary, Oberhausen, etc and art museums like Ullens Centre for Contemporary art (UGCA) Beijing, two of his works have been acquired for permanent archives at the United States Library of Congress. The prestigious Oberhausen International Film Festival, Germany 2015 honoured him with a retrospective, showcasing his works. He currently works as professor and heads the film direction and screenwriting department at the K R Narayanan national Institute of Visual science and Arts, Kerala.


LIONS ON THE THRONE presented by Manthan
The Supreme Court of India and Judicial Independence
Arghya Sengupta in conversation with Justice J Chelameswar

Venue: Vidyaranya High School, Saifabad
20th December 2019 | 18.30 hours

The Supreme Court of India is one of the most powerful constitutional courts in the world. Yet, in its methods of appointment and accountability, its functioning is opaque and insulated. Such opacity and insulation is justified by the ostensible need for judicial independence.

This talk, based on Arghya Sengupta’s new book, ‘Independence and Accountability of the Indian Higher Judiciary (Cambridge University, Press, 2019) will argue why the present understanding of judicial independence is flawed and requires a rethink.

Using Indian constitutional history and Anglo-American political thought, it is clear judges are most respected when they are lions under the throne and not on it. They must be both independent and accountable, boldly speaking truth to power, while in turn being checked and balanced by Government, Parliament and the citizenry. Justice J Chelameswar, former Judge of the Supreme Court, shall engage in a conversation with Mr. Sengupta.

Mehfil Hyderabad Ki presened by Lamakaan

Venue: Lamakaan
27th December 2019 | TBA

5 prominent Urdu poets/authors  will be presented of Hyderabad of the 20th Century. A short bio and three poems of each will be presented.

  1. A lady who has done her PhD in Dholak songs (interestingly these were originally grinding stone songs). She will talk and also perform some with her small band of women.
  2. Another lady again PhD on Urdu literary traditions in Hindi Film music
  3. 2-3 short story women writers of Hyderabad. Apart from the fact that they are women writers, they also have a gender angle to their stories.

Chindu Yakshagaanam ( Folk performance) presented by Saptaparni

Venue: Saptaparni Amphitheatre
3rd January 2020 | 18.30 hours

 “Chenchu Lakshmi” by Bharat Folk Arts Academy, Hyderabad in the Yakshagaanam style with song, dance and drama by Chindula Shyam and team will be presented. Also on display at Saptaparni gallery, a photo exhibition by Shiv Kumar depicting the nuances of the Chindu Yakshagaanam performance from start to finish is arranged.

Interactive Session Urvashi Butalia on publishing women’s voices from Kashmir

Venue: Kalakriti Book Store
10th January 2020 | 6.00 pm

Violin Nomads presented by Alliance Francaise Hyderabad

Venue: Novotel, Madhapur
17th January 2020 | 19.30 hours

Violin Nomads

 Created in 2017, Violin Nomads is a mixed journey born from the encounter of two violinists, Antoine Marhem, a French musician passionate about Eastern Europe music, and Rupam Ghosh, a rising star of the Hindustani violin living in Calcutta. Eric Navet joined them at the vibraphone in 2018. During their 2-month tour in 2018, they gave about twenty concerts in cultural centers, theatres and festivals.

 Antoine Marhem

Violin / Alto / Guitar / Mandolin, –  France

Born in 1982 in northern France, he began playing the violin at at the age of five and the viola at twelve at the Liévin music school (Nord Pas-de-Calais, France) where he obtained his diploma. His desire to escape leads him very quickly to put his classical training at the service of contemporary and folk Eastern Europe music and developed a multitude of projects in this style. He is also interested in improvised music, through exchanges with musicians around the world.

Antoine Morineau

Tombak  /  Percussion  –  France  

His favorite instrument is the Tombak. He is interested in the Persian music that he practices regularly and the Indian metrics that he studies, with Subhashish Bhattacharya.

 Eric Navet

Vibraphone / Percussion  –  France

Formed initially in classical music and jazz, winner of several prizes in various repertoires from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and the Conservatoire de Tourcoing, a graduate of musicology from Lille, Eric Navet practices the different folklores of the world with vibraphone and percussion through meetings with musicians from all over the world. He plays all kinds of percussion instruments, from the western drums to the vibraphone, but also the conga (a tall, narrow, single-headed drum from Cuba), the derbouka (a goblet drum mostly played in Egypt) or the ghatam, a clay pot with a narrow mouth which is one of the most ancient percussion instruments of South India. He joined Violin Nomads for their 2018 tour.

Rupam Ghosh

Violin, India

Rupam Ghosh is a profound Indian classical violinist. He began to learn violin at 9 and started performing at 14. He was awarded by Calcutta University as a young artist in 1981. His musical journey brought him close to the world-renowned sarod maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan. Since 1993, he devoted his entire life to his Guru Ustadjee. His performances were broadcasted several times in All India Radio New Delhi & Doordarshan. Since then, he has been giving regular performances in Europe and in the USA, which earned him fame and respect.

He started performing in France where he met Antoine Marhem. His success in France encouraged him to set up workshops and lecture demonstrations in various colleges and to travel to other European countries, including Germany or Denmark.

Koodiyattam  – Jatayuvadham (4th Act of Ascharyachoodamani of Sakthibhadra) presented by Hyderabad Literary Festival

Venue: Vidyaranya High School
24th January 2020 | 18.30 hours

Ascharyachudamani is one of the most important plays in the repertoire of Kutiyattam, and it has retained its popularity through the centuries of the existence of this theatric form.

In the play, Ravana, disguised as Maya Rama, carries away Sita in a chariot. The charioteer (Suta) is in disguise as Maya Lakshmana. In the chariot, Sita’s hand happens to touch Ravana while she is tying her hair. By the power of the ‘Choodamani’ (magic gem given to Sita by Rama for protection against harm) that Sita is wearing on her finger, Ravana’s evil spell is removed and his ‘maya’ ceases to work. The ‘maya’ Rama form is lost and Ravana appears in his true form. But, Ravana does not realize his change of form.

After abducting Sita, when Ravana is returning to Lanka, he is challenged by Jatayu. In the ‘marma’ war that ensues, Ravana lies while Jatayu tells the truth. Ravana deceptively kills the giant bird and heads for Lanka.