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Festival Flavours

Ghusadi Folk Dancers of Telangana

The Ghusadi festival begins soon after the Dasara festival and ends with Diwali. The hills around the Gond hamlets of Adilabad reverberates with music.

Ghusadi troupe members carry the traditional props, the rokal that resembles a medium-sized pestle, thol or piece of goat skin used by the individual to sit and sleep on. They also sport ankle bells on their ankles and waist. The small bag of cloth tied to the waist is a must for every member to carry eatables. The dhoti of the dancer has been replaced by a colourful skirt and the tiger stripes on his body have been replaced with other designs. The most important decoration of the Ghusadi is peacock feather 

The Ghusadi dance is performed to the beat of dappus and the tune of pepre or small shahnai-like instrument. The dance depicts movements of animals like tiger and peacock . This performance is followed by kolatam that is played by locals.

Middle of Nowhere

One of the simplest, most fun things at HLF 2017 by a young and vibrant group ‘Middle of Nowhere’ – a fun, interactive percussive game involving the audience. Essentially, the audience is encouraged to tap, slap, snap along a simple rhythm, then layer it with their own music to add to the festive mood.

Performances by Power Pandian Aasan Silambam Team

The performances include the showcase of a variety of techniques and weapons used in Silambam such as Kombu (staff), Maan Kombu Maduvu (deer horn), Vel Kambu (spear staff), Surul Vaal (metal whip) and Vaal Veechu (sword). The performances are fast-paced and packed with energy that brings out the beauty, technique, strength and tradition of Silambam as a martial art form and performance 

The performers are international level Silambam practitioners and bring in their own individual style and expressions to the aesthetics of Silambam. The performances are supported with traditional folk music which adds rhythm to the experience through the beats and unique energy.

  • Youngistan Nukkad, a corner in the Festival will be dedicated for youth where in they will showcase their creativity and expression in music, street-play, stand up comedy and others. This year’s Hyderabad Literary Festival will be exciting for the youth of Hyderabad. 

To be a part of Youngistan Nukkad, click here.