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Sanntimmi Ramayana: Dishing Out a Different Epic
Du Saraswathi
26 Jan, 4:40 pm-5:20 pm

Sanntimmi, the character created by the Kannada Dalit writer Du Saraswathi, represents the little, unknown and unseen women of India. In her telling of the epic, Sita goes about her everyday work, cooking for all those dear to her. In every Indian village, there is an account of the Ramayana and Sanntimmi’s version represents one of the many small traditions that flourish in India beyond the pale of the standardized spectacle that the epic is sought to be reduced to. Saraswathi’s layered interpretation of the timeless tale is an attempt to show that village people in India have their own knowledge systems and worldviews, which cannot be dislodged by a linear, homogenous narrative. (Photo credit: The News Minute)

Promote a Concept
27 Jan, 5:20 pm-6:00 pm
The Human LibraryKa se Kavita, Rise of Literati, Tale Tellers Troupe 


The Human Library
Harshad Dinkar Fad

The Human Library is a library where books are people and reading is a conversation. The Human Library is designed to build a positive framework for conversations that can challenge stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue. It is a place where real people are on loan to readers. A place where difficult questions are expected, appreciated, and answered. This event-based concept was invented by Ronnie Abergel of Copenhagen, Denmark in the year 2000, and today in 2018 the Human Library is serving readers worldwide in more than 80 countries.

Ka se Kavita (KSK)
Minakshi Chaudhary

To promote appreciation of Hindi and Urdu languages, ‘Hindi Kavita/Urdu Studio’, a popular YouTube channel, has taken several initiatives. “Ka se Kavita” is an offshoot of these channels and it is now held in cities across the world. In Hyderabad, it was started on 6th August 2016 and has since held 18 sessions. It conducts a session on the first Saturday of every month where it attempts to enlighten the participants
about classic as well as contemporary masters of Hindi/Urdu poetry. The Hyderabad chapter was founded and managed by Minakshi Chaudhary and Praveen Pranav, who have been instrumental in creating a niche for this event.

Rise of Literati
Himanshu Singh and Devika Das

Rise of Literati was born of a passion to bring together book lovers and budding authors onto a common platform and keep the spirit of literature alive. Although there are book groups and writing groups in Hyderabad, this is a one-of- a-kind literary club which caters to both readers and writers. If you just want to read books and share your insights, you are welcome. If you are a writer and wish to hone your writing
skills, you too are welcome. Currently, Rise of Literati conducts book discussions, storytelling, poetry recital, literature quizzes, and creative writing workshops. Passionate readers and writers brainstorm in monthly meetups to ignite ideas that can help everyone become better individuals.

Tale Tellers Troupe (TTT)
Santosh Mohan Veeranki

Tale Tellers Troupe is a platform to help people overcome stage fear by practicing
the ancient art of oral storytelling, and in the process transform themselves into
effective communicators, powerful orators, and inspiring leaders. The vision of TTT
is to realize a ‘World Without Stage Fear’. To realize this vision, it conducts regular
theme-based storytelling events, workshops, poetry slams and other activities which
provide an opportunity for people to shed their inhibitions and take to stage. Since its
inception in 2016, it has helped thousands of people to tell stories on stage for the
very first time in their lives. It is now planning to venture out into other major cities of
the world.

“The Prophet and the Poet”

“The Prophet and the Poet” is an internationally acclaimed play developed at Bangalore Little Theatre. It is based on the exchange of letters and articles between Mahatma Gandhi and Rabindranath Tagore over 25 years, with the Indian freedom struggle as the backdrop. The exchanges reveal how the two personalities differed significantly on many matters, including the form and content of the freedom
movement. However, they maintained genuine respect and love for each other steadfastly. Bangalore Little Theatre was privileged to stage the opening shows of the play at the places hallowed by Gandhi and Tagore in their lifetime—Sabarmati Ashram, Santiniketan and Thakurbadi-Jorasanko. The play had a command performance for the President of India. There have been nearly 90 performances of the play since its opening all over India and abroad. In 2014, Prasar Bharati commissioned a tele-film of the play. It has been telecast several times.