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Interludes – 2022


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Saste Jahaz ke Sapne
Dir: Devika Das

29th January 2022
13.00 hrs

Duration: 30 mins

Din mein sapne dekhna, sapno ka pahaad etc. These are terms often used for people who daydream. What would you do if you could buy a small private jet at an affordable price? A newspaper headline makes the protagonist Abdul dream about owning a private jet. A light- hearted conversation between two friends Abdul and Hassan, belonging to the lower middle class, about saving funds to buy a private jet.

Written by KM Mishra and adapted to Hyderabadi Hindi by Prajwal Sharma. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for this joyride! Enjoy the fun! 


Hand Shadowgraphy
Prashant Rao

30th January 2022
13.00 hrs

At some time or other in our childhood, we have all been fascinated by shadows. Seeing how standing closer to a light can make larger shadows is a discovery that we’ve all enjoyed. Grown-ups and children also have fun entertaining each other on dark evenings using a candle or a torch to create shadow figures of animals or people using hands and fingers, and coming up with stories for the shadows.