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Interview with Abodh Aras

Interview with Abodh Aras

Interview with Abodh Aras

  • How difficult is it to rescued stray and get them adopted?

I would say 15 years ago it was impossible. It’s easier now as more and more people have realized that stays

and indies are the same as pedigree bread dogs and even vets say so. Thus more and more people are

adopting them and this culture is going across various streams of society. “That they should adopt not

shop”. The flip side is that there is a huge pet industry that is out in the open with not law to actually regulate

them and curtail the malpractices in the industry.

  • Many youngsters are starting their own rescue and shelter services, how safe is it for untrained people

to handle injured and vulnerable strays?

I would say there are pros and cons to this. A good thing is that more and more young people want to get

their hands dirty and get involved in rescuing. Flipside is that they need to get trained on the basics of

rescue, protocols, they have to be vaccinated against rabies. If you are really dedicated then, you need to

also look at what is better for the animal. If you go and put the animal in further distress then it doesn’t

serve the purpose. At WSD we have a basic protocol and procedure training program for volunteers.

  • How effective are mass sterilization programs in our country, where there are no concrete data

regarding the population of strays?

Going forward we need to think of the way we do i.e we need to look at what is suggested by who and etc.

We are following the procedures and protocols etc. we need to spend more time, money and energy on

research, understand the dogs and their kinds. This has started in Mumbai, a census was conducted in a

scientific manner where 70% of dogs in the greater city are sterilized and in island city 90%. In Haryana the

census is currently in progress.

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