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Interview with Nejla Yatkin

Interview with Nejla Yatkin

Interview with Nejla Yatkin

  • What does dance mean to you?

“Dance to me is lifestyle, it is a part of me and it presents me to the world. It is an opportunity for me to connect with people without words or language, it is communication through silence. It keeps me moving and reminds me of the movement outside of me”

  • What does your dance usually symbolize?

“I am a contemporary dancer and in the western world, dance is more open and is never opinionated. It is left to the audience imagination and their way of taking it. Each one of them has their own stories and perceptions”

  • So how did Hyderabad treat you?

“It is a great city. I see growth in it. Everywhere there are buildings being constructed and I would definitely like to visit this place again to see how it has transformed”

  • Since you’ve been a dancer, I assume that you are aware of the different dance forms of India. What is your opinion on them?

“It is beautiful. The Indian dances are beautiful. But like I was saying, they are coded. Each hand movement (mudra) has a specific meaning and a person unaware of that meaning has difficulty following”

  • Having been here for a while now and teaching here for a week now, how do you think is the awareness among people about contemporary dance?

“It is sad to say, but people here do not know much about contemporary dance. I was shocked to see not much awareness”

The Hyderabad Literary Fest has for sure brought to us an artist who is truly one of a kind, one who exudes passion and dedication to an art form and is interested to develop it further. Truly Nejla Yatkin has been an inspiration.

Harshita G

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