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Kaavya Dhaara

Kaavya Dhaara

A Poem A Day by

22nd January 2021
18.35 - 19.30

Singing in the Dark: A Global Anthology of Poetry under Lockdown by K Satchidanandan and Nishi Chawla

23rd January 2021
18.35 - 19.30

Multilingual Poetry by Anju Makhija, Hoshang Merchant, Inampudi Shree Laxmi, Jmeela Nishat, Karthika Nair, Madhup Mohta

23th January 2021
15.35 - 16.30

The World That Belongs To Us: An Anthology of Queer Poetry from South Asia by Aditi Angiras and Akhil Katyal

24th January 2021
12.00 - 12.55