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25th January 2019

Panel: #Me Too: The Way Forward

Panel: Contemporary Trends in Chinese Literature

Panel: The Aadhaar Story

Panel: Living Religion

Panel: En-Countering Stereotypes

Panel: Happily Ever After

Panel: Million Mutinies

Panel: Is Gandhi Relevant Today?

Demonetization: A Conversation

26th January 2019

Talk: Indica: A Deep History of the Indian Subcontinent

Panel: The Chief and the Chief Minister

Panel: Contemporary Currents in Gujarati Literature

Readings: Flavours of Chinese Literature

Panel: Art and Ideology

Talk: The Untold Story of India’s First Newspaper

Panel: Life Narratives

Panel: No Child’s Play: Writing for Children and Young Adults

Panel: The Mahatma and the Movies

Talk: Diversity and the Indian Constitution

Talk: Gujarati Asmita: A Many – Splendoured Thing

Panel: Literature Down Under

27th January 2019

Talk: How Safe is Our Money?

Panel: Narratives of North-East India

Talk: Kama: The Riddle of Desire

Panel: Stories of Another India

Panel: Women on Top

PV: The Unlikely Prime Minister

Panel: Money Matters

Panel: Translation as Transformation

Panel: Environmentally Yours