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26th January 2018


Poetry Connections India Wales

How India Became a Republic

Readings (English)

Supernatural Earthlings, Next-
door Despots and Unsuspecting Objects:
The Life of Characters in New Women’s Writing from Spain

The Health of Indian Health System

Rural India in a Flux


27th January 2018

Book Talk
Adhiraj Parthasarathy,
Chandrasekhar Rath

Echoes from the Hills

The Language Crisis in Karnataka

The Journey of Cotton in India


Films and Literature


True Stories of Modern Military Heroes

When the Going Gets Tough:
Stories of Valour and Courage

Women’s Writing and Magic Realism

Panel: Writing from the Gut, Busting
Stereotypes and Rekindling the
Oral Tradition: A Panorama of Children & Young Adult Writing from Spain


28th January 2018

Indira Gandhi: India’s Most Powerful
Prime Minister

Panel: Extraordinary Stories of Everyday Lives

Writing Romance

Muse India Prize Panel on Translations

Translation into Indian Languages: Domesticating the Alien

Biography of Innovations

Gauri Lankesh: A Life in Courage and Compassion