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Moving Images Talkies – 2022

Moving Images Talkies

Janani’s Juliet

Open to view - 28-30th January

Catch the discussion between Sumanaspati Reddy and Pankaj Rishi Kumar, the director of Janani’s Juliet, join us on Zoom: 

30 January 2022  – 4:30 pm


Duration53 mins
Directed by Pankaj Rishi Kumar | Tamil

Kausalya lost her husband (Shankar) when they were attacked by her family. They had married against their families’ wishes. Deeply disturbed by a spate of honour killings in India, Indianostrum, a Pondicherry-based theatre group sets out to reflect on the implications of caste, class and gender. They adapt Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. What emerges in the process, is a critical reflection and commentary on contemporary Indian society where love struggles to survive. Layers of complexity are added to the film by weaving-in the making of the play. “You are Juliet’s messengers to me,” the director tells the female cast. As they dig deeper into their own psyche, we also question why it was all about Romeo even in Shakespeare’s time. Why do we not know more about Juliet? … The film is a poetic, political exploration of love.


Open to view - 28-30th January​

Duration – 15 mins
Directed by – Shreyas Chennamadhauni | Telugu

A mischievous young Dalit girl wants to sit on a bench that belongs to the Zamindar’s son.


Open to view - 28-30th January​

Duration15 mins
Directed by – Directed by Aalap Tanna | Hindi

The film depicts a comparison between two social classes through the eyes of a 10-year-old boy born and brought up in the slums.


Open to view - 28-30th January​

Duration15 mins
Directed by -Directed by Tapasi Yerra Raju | Telugu

Set in present day Warangal, this film is about Vasavi Sarathi, a forty-five-year old homemaker and her struggle to get all members of her family in a family photograph.


Open to view - 28-30th January​

Duration15 mins
Directed by – Directed by Vaishnavi Mudaliar | Bengali & English

A story that makes us question the choices we make.


Open to view - 28-30th January​

Duration15 mins
Directed by Directed by Avinash Varma | Telugu

A film about the bad practices and errors being done in the name of superstitions

Ramappa Temple

Open to view - 28-30th January​

A documentary by the Department of Language & Culture, Government of Telangana

Duration – 
Directed by – Directed by Yakub Ali | Telugu  (presented by the Department of Language & Culture, Government of Telangana)

Ramappa Temple in the Mulugu district of Telangana was awarded the UNESCO Heritage Site Status in July 2021. A World Heritage Site is a location which has an “outstanding universal value” and its “cultural and/or natural significance … is so exceptional as to transcend national boundaries and to be of common importance for present and future generations of all humanity.”

Standing on a 6-feet tall star-shaped platform with walls, pillars, and ceilings adorned with intricate carvings, the temple is an engineering marvel, and a manifestation of the creative genius of the Kakatiyas.

Interestingly, the temple is named after the sculptor who designed it, thus bestowing a rare honour on the artist. It was built as an ode to the god Shiva and is also called Rudreshwara Temple to refer both to the deity as well as General Recherla Rudra of the Kakatiya dynasty who commissioned its construction.

The documentary showcases the grandeur of this aesthetic wonder.


Open to view - Open to view - 28-30 January

Duration103 mins

Language: Urdu (with English Subtitles)
Written and Produced by Mahmood Jamal 
Directed by Ahmed A. Jamal

A kindly Governor goes into hiding after appointing a younger, puritanical Deputy in his place who is convinced that the city needs harsh punishments and strict implementation of laws. Fear grips the city as a young man is condemned to death on the accusation of impregnating his fiancée. When his sister Sameena goes to meet the Deputy Governor to beg for mercy, he finds her physically irresistible and asks to sleep with her in exchange for commuting the death sentence on her brother. Sameena has to outwit him, and is helped by the ex-Governor (disguised as a Sufi fakir) as she tries to turn the tables in a gripping climax.


A contemporary adaptation of William Shakespeare’s timeless classis Measure for Measure. Winner of Best Adapted Screenplay at London Asian Film Festival (LAFF) 2017, and Best Actress Award at Eastern Eye’s Arts, Culture & Theatre Awards (ACTA) 2017.