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Nanha Nukkad

Nanha Nukkad - 23 January 2021
11.00 -11.30

Kathakreeda by Haripriya Bathula and Meghana Bommatanahalli

Duration: 15 mins
Age Group: Below 7 yrs
Participants: 25

A story in a game? Or a game in a story? Presenting to you Kathakreeda, an enticing interplay of virtual stories interwoven with puzzles and word games. Join us for a one of a kind virtual interactive storyplay by storytellers Haripriya and Meghana wherein children will not just listen to stories but also weave stories together.

Once upon a time by Seetha Anand Vaidyam

Duration: 15 mins

The narration style of story aims at developing skills of imagination, listening and communication besides being a fun time for Children!