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The dance team of The Nation’s Rock Beat – Nritya will be bringing the element of surprise in The Hyderabad Literary Fest. The dance team shares their experience about the whole journey.

Sree – The Creative Head of Nritya says, ‘From the day we designed the poster till date we have faced a new challenge every day but all of that is totally worth it. We started off by auditioning and people from various colleges came in. We had a very hard time selecting the top 25 because all the dancers were talented and unique in their own ways. I would really like to thank Kinnera Mam and Jyothi Mam for giving us the place to practice in Goethe Zentrum.’

Arpita says, ‘I heard about HLF recently and was very interested in the dance troupe of NRB. Dance is my passion and it has helped me bond with people from different spheres of life from being strangers to close friends now. Goethe Zentrum is an amazing place for practice as it’s very peaceful and quiet. Loving the whole journey and very very excited for HLF.’

Swaraj says, ‘I always wanted to be a part of cultural activities like HLF and HLF and NRB have given me this wonderful opportunity. I got to know about it from my friend, Sree. The practices are on Saturday and Sundays so we can adjust accordingly.’

Ashwanth says, ‘I made so many new friends and I am learning new things from all of them every day. I feel extremely grateful to be a part of this project.’

Manikantha says, ‘I am extremely passionate about dance and this is the right time and right place for me to prove it. The team is extremely cooperative and supportive.’

Vaishnavi says, ‘I am enjoying each and every part of the journey and most importantly this whole experience is helping me gain my self-confidence.’

Aishwariya says, ‘I was very sacred when I got to know about the auditions. I was extremely nervous but when I started coming in for practice I realized that we are a family. There is no stress during the practices, everything is cool and awesome.’

Guru says, ‘HLF is the place where we can showcase our talent and the environment of the Goethe Zentrum enriches the whole experience. We love clicking selfies here after practice’
Venkat says, ‘The team keeps on encouraging me always to give my best.’

Mahati says, ‘Sree has been very supportive throughout the whole practice. We have fun while we do what we love to do. I will be very sad after HLF is done, I will miss all this.’

Reshma says, ‘The place is extremely spacious and gives our whole team the adequate amount of space that we all need for practice. I am eagerly waiting for HLF – 2017.’

Srilekhya says, ‘The entire process is very systematic. The whole journey means a lot to me.’  

So, visit The Hyderabad Literary Fest on all three days – 27.01.17-29.01.17 in Hyderabad Public School and catch us performing live.

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