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Reading my Book

Reading my Book - 23 January 2021
17.00 -17.45

Lost Causes by Arya Dharod

About the book: Lost causes – more often than not, this is what parents, adults, and society think about teenagers! But they are definitely not ‘Lost Causes’! The book Lost Causes portrays teenagers in a new light, and the amazing potential they hold. It is a reflection of the present generation’s perspective on life, their dreams, hopes, fears, and character traits. It journeys through the lives of six teenagers, bound by misery, yet unwavering. Lost Causes is a crime thriller with a social relevance

Enter Our World: Drabble Readings by Three Generations by Ishika Ranjan, Ruchi Ranjan, Bishan Sahai

Our World: A Symphony of Drabbles by Three Generations is a compilation of 86 stories in the form of drabbles, from a family of three generations – the grandfather, the mother and the daughter. A drabble is a work of fiction, a story written in exactly a hundred words, not a word more, not a word less. The essence of the drabble is in its brevity, testing the author’s ability to express meaningful ideas in a limited space. The book is a fascinating potpourri of fiction, covering a plethora of interesting stories, spanning across several genres. Some stories are funny and entertaining, some are quixotic, others skirt around tales of soft sci-fi and adventure, while others evoke feelings of nostalgia and empathy. Each drabble brings out an interesting facet of the human predicament, sometimes ending with a twist, which is bound to leave the reader bemused.

Jungle Submarines by Mario Vincent

Jungle Submarines

“And then came the elephants! He half-heard, half-saw something moving – gigantic forms lumbering by on velveteen toes, ears aquiver, trunks aloft, sensitive nostrils twitching and turning like the periscopes on a shoal of jungle submarines.” Sometimes comical, sometimes poignant, always gripping, Jungle Submarines follows the real-life adventures of Botch as he grows up with his eccentric family – Papa the stoic, Mama the passionate, Minu the thug, Anu the stubborn, and Nini the sweet – in a country and a world that are charmingly disorganized. Papa’s job takes him and the family from the swampy jungles of Bihar to the dusty deserts of Iraq, from the tranquil highlands of Coonoor to the bustling plains of Hyderabad; and this pageant of life teaches Botch about happiness and sadness, glory and defeat, strength and weakness, but above all about trust and family.