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Travel writing in the age of instagram: Evolution of travel writing and the road ahead
by Shivaji Das

Duration: 60min
Age group: 18Yrs and Above
28th January, 2018

Is travel writing dead in this era of Google Image Search, Facebook and Instagram? Is there anything new that a travel writer can write about? Shivaji Das proposes that there is yet scope for insightful travel writing by engaging in ‘Non-Required Travel’ – exploring the lives of locals typically unheard of or bypassed by visitors, thereby encouraging travellers to seek more meaningful experiences while fostering greater mutual understanding. He will cite some stories from his latest book Angels by the Murky River to highlight this perspective—understanding the lives of the homeless in Mumbai and Seoul, chronicling the conditions of diamond and salt miners in Indonesia, contrasting the journeys of Filipino women boxers and beauty pageants. The speech will also elaborate on the impact of new media on travel wiring and the way forward.

Photography Workshop
by Aquin Mathews

Basics of Photography will be taught in this workshop to aspirants of Photography.

Please bring your camera’s with you to benefit the most


Story Telling
by Arati Kodali

26th January – 3 to 8 years – 90 minutes. Children and parents welcome!
27th January – 6 to 14 years – 120 minutes. Children and parents welcome!
28th January – 14 years and above – 150 to 180 minutes

Who doesn’t like a good story, whether in the form of a film, a book, an audio tape or a nowadays rare occurrence – a live interactive story telling??!!?? And we tell our story all the time through our lives, in office, in school, at home, at a social gathering. We want to present our point of view, learn a lesson about life without having to actually commit a mistake and then learn. live story telling session cum workshop will be spread over three days for different age groups. The objective is to demonstrate what a good story does to psyche of the listener and improve story telling techniques of parents, teachers or anybody who tells a story. The workshop is a very interactive one and would not proceed without
audience participation!
All stories are original, with emphasis on human and animal rights, lessons learnt from history, science and philosophy.

Story Writing
by Toral Shah

Give children the opportunity to explore their ideas and to express them – A Creative Writing workshop to collaboratively create short stories for kids facilitated by kids.

Expression is important when it comes to transmission of ideas and thoughts. Making up stories is one of the ways to do so. Unlock your imagination, think weird, think different, think abstract. Write something that you would love to read!

Think of a plot, collaborate with your fellow mates to design an interesting story and draft it to make it your own

Meditation and Creativity
by Agnija Kazuša

Duration: 180 mins
Age group: 18-45

How can meditation lead to a more creative mind?

Why do we sometimes get ideas while taking a shower, cutting salad or right before going to bed? The presentation offers to explore creativity as a quality of the mind that everyone can have. Meditation and mindfulness are introduced as tools that can help train the mind to be peaceful, standstill and focused. Some tips are given for enhancing creativity in daily life and maintaining a free and positive mind while coping with day-to- day challenges. Along with the presentation, participants will be introduced to three meditation techniques that they will be able to try in a guided meditation session.

Art & Music Konfluens
by Keertana Bhoopal and Sahana Ramprakash

Age group : Open to all
Participants :15 Minimum

KONFLUENS is an art collaborative project by Keertana Bhoopal and Sahana Ramprakash, where they experiment and bring together, the various possibilities of collaboration between music and art.

The workshops organized by KONFLUENS,provides individuals a platform to interact and create pieces of music and art that the participants of workshop have themselves come up with. Together, the song composition and paintings will formulate as an interpretation of a single narrative.

Repair Workstation
Repair Café Bengaluru

Duration: 3.5-4 hrs;
Age group: 12 and above

What do you do with a broken pressure cooker? Or an old tape deck that no longer works? Or with your favourite kurta that needs an alteration? Or when zoom lens stops working in your awesome digital camera? Toss it away? No way!

‘Repair Café Bengaluru’ offers you an environment friendly alternative—REPAIR! It is a community gathering of repair enthusiasts, volunteers, and specialists in repair of electrical & electronic household items, shoes and bags, clothes alteration, kitchen appliances and utensils, cycle, watch repair and so on.

Repairing is a dying skill, but still an integral part of our society, and a virtue that has its roots in our lifestyle. A decade ago with the onset of consumerism we have developed a habit of use-and-throw. ‘Repair Café Bengaluru’ is a foundation that propagates repair as an environment friendly option which needs to be re-introduced into our lives.


Duration: 2 hrs

 In India utensils have been made from a variety of materials like clay, stone, wood, copper, bronze, lead, gold and silver. Selection of the material depended on the use, status of the user and the purpose for which the utensils were made. Geographical factors also influenced the manufacture of utensils. Due to lack of vegetal material in the desert biosphere, earthen wares were in greater use. Riverine areas facilitated the manufacture of clay objects. Similarly, proximity of forests promoted the crafting of wood based vessels.

This interactive and activity-based workshop will introduce children to the different types of environment friendly materials used for making vessels for storage and cooking of food. Children will be encouraged to try out some of the utensils that were used in the olden days to grind, pound, make rice noodles etc.

Citizen Journalist Workshop: How to tell your story visually
by Palak Malik

Duration: 120 mins
Age group: 12-22 years
Max batch size: 20 participants

This storytelling workshop will empower children and adults to experience film as a medium of communication. Participants will be formed in teams of two. Parent-child teams will be given preference. Parents can be outside the age range.

There will be two batches each in the morning and evening.
Session 1—Basics of Framing and Composition (45 mins) 
Session 2—Shooting HLF. Participants will go around covering the festival (30 mins)
Session 3—Editing the footage on music (30 mins) 

End result: Video coverage of HLF in film format created by the attendees

The Shivfit Way

Shivoham is the trainer behind Aamir Khan’s muscular look in Dhoom 3, Sonakshi Sinha’s bodacious curves in Dabangg, Jacqueline Fernandez’s lean physique and Abhishek Bachchan’s fitness.

In this lecture-demonstration Shivoham, one of India’s foremost functional fitness trainers, shows you how to work out without any equipment or machines. He combines cardio, strength training, and weight exercises for a full-body workout. He also offers a whole new perspective on what it means to be fit and how to motivate yourself to start exercising.  

The lec-dem is based on Shivoham’s book The Shivfit Way: A Comprehensive Functional Fitness Programme which outlines the eight basic movements of all exercises that will help you achieve a strong body. Accompanied by pictures for each exercise, advice on different diets, over 100 detailed workouts, and an interactive section, The Shivfit Way ensures that you won’t just get back in shape but will also look forward to working out!

Construe the Constitution-2018

Construe the Constitution-2018 is the second edition of the annual inter-school Socratic Dialogue to celebrate India’s Republic Day. Students would critically analyze the philosophy of the Indian constitution. The Socratic Dialogue format incentivizes students for both questions as well as answers. Sentia Global School, Bachupally had won the first edition of the Dialogue in 2017. Dr Reddy’s Foundation’s Pudami School finished 3rd, and Devnar Foundation team received special appreciation from the jury. In this format, students go through a questionnaire which contains two parts: Analysis and Synthesis. The Analysis part gives the students an understanding of the philosophical principles or ideas that give birth to a constitution, an outline of the Indian Constitution and the factors involved in analyzing the Constitution. The Synthesis part asks students to apply these ideas to create a classroom constitution, and gives additional tasks like special rights or amendment suggestions.

Literature Socratic Dialogue

Literature Socratic Dialogue aims at exploring perspectives on the importance of literature and its role in evolving socio-cultural perception and critical thinking among students. ‘Sciensation’ incentivizes “interesting wrong answers” more than “correct answers” as an attempt to move the current school education from the “one correct answer” paradigm to “perspectives”. ‘Sciensation’ has conducted several Socratic Dialogues on the ‘Idea of India’, ‘Experiments with Truth’, ‘Ethics and Social Justice’, ‘Mathematics and Economics’ during which students explored inter-disciplinary perspectives. For instance, an interesting inter-disciplinary argument combining ideas from social sciences, technology and economics was witnessed in ‘Idea of India-2017’. “The Literature Socratic Dialogue” aims at exploring inter-disciplinary applications of literature in areas like business, advertising, and education. The Dialogue shall explore the intangible ‘benefits’ of literature beyond the immediate career or goal: such as how an exposure to multi-cultural literature changes one’s thought process and imbibes life-skills.

The Transformative Magic of Gratitude: Complain Less, Appreciate More and Live a Grateful Life by Prashant Jain
Duration: 90min
Age group: 15 Yrs and Above

Discover how to complain less, appreciate more, and live a joyful life. Learn the skill of praising someone effectively and connecting to them better by using the SAGA method: Specific, Appropriate, Genuine, and Authentic. Know more about enjoying a positive and thankful life, find out how to move from post-dated cheque of happiness to grateful-now joyous living, how to deal with challenges and problems. Prashant Jain, a Serial Entrepreneur and Gratitude Coach, shares with you the life transforming power of gratitude and how you can apply it your life in this interactive workshop. He presents his technique of the 6A framework, to connect to gratitude and grateful living. Learn the art of living a more resilient, problem-proof life in under 5 minutes per day. Walk into the workshop and walk away with the magic formula that will guarantee a higher happiness quotient. Collect your own ‘No Complaint Gratitude’ band at the workshop.

Creating Visual Frames to tell Stories
by Marcos Guardiola (Maguma)

26th January, 2018
Duration: 90 mins; Age group: 13 years and above
Number of participants: 10-25

In this practical session participants—whether beginners or skilled cartoonists—will use distortion techniques to review and experiment with their own drawing conventions in order to build visual frames to convey stories and plot lines. This workshop is aimed at youngsters from 13 years up as well as educators in visual arts, drama, and language areas interested in applying new classroom techniques.
Drawing materials will be provided.

Monsters and Other Night Creatures
by Ana Cristina Herreros

28th January, 2017
Duration: 90 mins; Age group: 6-10 years; and primary school educators
Number of participants: 10-25

Let’s imagine together how frightening creatures that linger at night look like, let’s draw their heads, their eyes, mouths and muzzles. We will create masks and write about their habits, their likes and dislikes and the ways we can live with them without fear. This session caters to children between 6 and 10 years of age and primary school educators.