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An Accidental Dancer

Building & Unbuilding Worlds

Carrying Writing, Translating, and Critiquing Across

Childhood in my City

Claiming the Kaleidoscope

Cradle to Cradle

Fiction for Publication, Fiction for Production


Radio Art


Tumhare Liye Bas

Stories of the Soil

6 Pack Band


An Accidental Dancer: My years with Chandra
12noon- 12:50pm, 29th January, 2017

Where does the body begin and end? This was Chandralekha’s obsession and enduring question. This talk will explore how the body can be rooted at the centre of life and art, how slowness can be the ultimate luxury, and how the legacy of a woman who resisted institutions and archiving continues to thrive.

Building &Unbuilding Worlds: Graphic novels and the Imagination
12noon-12:50pm, 27th January, 2017

Comics or chitrakatha or graphic novels– call it what you will, storytelling through images and words is as old as human culture.

Jai Undurti will show how creating a graphic novel is similar to generating a self-contained world. Graphic novel projects are often at the junction of journalism, architecture, photography, and film – drawing on all their strengths, yet preserving a certain character and strength unique to the medium. The presentation and discussion will show these different mediums and disciplines —filmmaking, painting, photography, architecture — are brought together in constructing an imaginary terrain.

Carrying Writing, Translating, and Critiquing Across
2pm – 2:50pm, 27th January, 2017

Speakers: Christine Godinez-Ortega, Victor Sugbo, Hope Yu

In the Philippines, there are 12 native languages with at least one million native speakers: Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilokano, Hiligaynon, Bikol, Waray, Kapampangan, Pangasinan, Maranao, Maguindanao, Kinaray-a, and Tausug. The Philippines was colonized by Spain in 1565. After the first printing press was founded in 1593, a great portion of it was written in Spanish, including literature.  Thousands of loanwords in Tagalog, Cebuano, and other languages are Spanish. The use of Spanish began to decline after Spain ceded the islands to the United States. Since 1898, under the U.S. rule, English became its lingua franca together with the national language called Filipino. Literature—especially through writing, translating, and critiquing —plays a significant part in unifying the country.

Childhood in my City: Divya Disha
11:00am – 11:50am, 27th January, 2017

Childhood in my City (Patnam Lo Maa Balyam-PLMB) is a platform facilitated by Divya Disha, for the children living in the urban slums of Hyderabad. Although children constitute 25.95% of the total urban population (Census of India, 2011) – they are not considered in any decision-making process of either planning or implementation.  They are always seen as future citizens. However, children as junior citizens are also human beings and are subject of their own rights. They have opinions views and suggestions. 

10 Child Leaders will present their experiences, opinions and expectations from the adults, policy makers and the governmental authorities about their right to a child-friendly city.

Claiming the Kaleidoscope – Choices Before the Writer
12noon – 12:50pm, 28th January, 2017

Mr Shreekumar Varma will place in context the possibilities we have in creative writing. The talk, illustrated by a PowerPoint presentation, will deal with the kinds of writing he has done: novel, short story, poetry, plays, journalism, translation, and writing for children. It will include Experience & Output: how your bio can act as your backdrop, Translating Ideas: the art and craft of escorting your ideas onto the page or stage, and Cross-culturing Literary Forms: how literary forms can nurture one another.

He will show clips from his plays and explore the transition from written word to stage experience and the cooperative nature of theatre. He will present the problem of discovering literary links to convey unique local sensibilities in a universal language like English. He will also interact with the audience to create a poem or two, using only their inputs.

Design Xport – Cradle to Cradle®
3:00pm – 3:50pm, 27th January, 2017

Hamburg’s new design centre was initiated in 2002 by committed representatives of the Hamburg Design Economy. Their goal was to create a permanent public location for current design and a meeting point for designers. Designxport e.V.was initially founded in 2004 and in 2009, the designxport GmbH.

The message of Cradle to Cradle® is based on a completely different mindset than eco-efficiency. The theory of design for circular economy, its tools and fundamental principles need to be marked down to the common understanding of sustainability. The students first have to find out and define the understanding of eco-efficiency and sustainability for themselves.

This will be the basis to create a mindshift in understanding the differences and fundamental principles towards eco-effectiveness.


Fiction for Publication, Fiction for Production
3:00pm – 3:50pm, 28th January, 2017

Speakers: Jun Cruz Reyes, Gerry Los Baños, Vim Nadera

The origin of stories from the Philippines can be traced to deities, the first man and the first woman, mythical creatures, and the like. They vary among the many indigenous tribes of the Philippines. Yes, the Filipinos are born storytellers. Recently, they are becoming known as storysellers, too. They were globally recognized by experts in the field of film. Even in animation. Filipinos are now making waves with their content creation, entertainment business development, licensing and distribution.


Mapping a creative through Art, Design and Silambam
10:00pm – 10:50pm, 29th January, 2017

Understanding the mind and lateral links that form the basis of creative expression.  In this talk and demonstration she will be taking you through the varied aspects of Silambam and her creative projects and explorations to gain an insight into the artist’s mind by drawing a common thread that links them all. Unlearning and redefining to understand the importance of making creativity a part of everyday life will be the focus of the conversation followed by a demonstration of Silambam by Aishwarya and Power Pandian Aasan Silambam Team. 


Radio Art by Vinod-Ralf-Rico
2:00pm – 2:50pm, 29th January, 2017

A discussion on experimental radio art – Prof. Vinod Pavarala, the UNESCO Chair on Community Media at University of Hyderabad, would be in conversation with Ralf Wendt and Michael Nicolai of Radio Corax in Halle, Germany, on the nature of radio art and the recently concluded International Radio Art Festival, Radio Revolten. This live programme would be broadcast simultaneously in radio stations in Halle (Radio Corax), Berlin (PiRadio), and Hyderabad (Bol Hyderabad).

Shudrka: Physicality of Performance
11:00am – 11:50am, 29th January, 2017

Shudrka Hyderabad, performing since 2004, will be conducting a workshop on the use of a series of physical exercises which will help release psycho-physical energy in exploring a situation or a character. A stage talk on ‘The Physicality of Performance’ inspired by the writings of Grotowski, Genet and Oliver Sacks, will be followed by a demonstration within the context of a theatrical project based on a Tamil short story.

“Tumhare Liye Bas” by Madhup Mohta and Gita Setia
2:00pm – 2:50pm, 28th January, 2017

Mr Madhup Mohta, a diplomat, a linguist, a poet and a writer, will be talking about his latest offering, ‘Tumhare Liye Bas’- a collection of poems. Interestingly, this has been rendered in the form of songs by Ms Gita Setia, an eminent singer, based in New York. Both the book and the music CD titled ‘Tumhare Pyaar ka Mausam’ will be launched in HLF 2017.

Stories of the Soil by Kiranmayee Madupu
11:00am – 11:50am, 28th january, 2017

‘Stories of the Soil’ – Tamil Nadu, a place of rich culture and tradition is the seat of many ancient temples. As a result, fascinating tales of God, strange practices and age-old folklore are everyday knowledge there. Temples of all sizes enshrining various Hindu deities decorate the state. Each temple houses a mountain of information regarding its presiding deity and its various manifestations which reflect in the local way of living. ‘Stories of the Soil’ is an attempt to bring those astonishing tales to the forefront. The lecture demonstration will highlight upon the unbridled, pure and fierce love and faith that form the core of these stories. Through the idiom of dance and dramatic story telling, stories on Shiva and Karthikeya, devotees with unusual methods of expressing devotion and evils of caste system in India will be told, emphatically.

Mr Shamir Tandon and 6 Pack Band
3:00pm – 3:50pm, 29th january, 2017

A 50-minute talk and performance by Mr Shamir Tandon and members of the 6-Pack Band. The talk would explore several topics such as the state of the transgender community in India, the reasons for forming the band and the impact it has had on society. The talk would begin with

Mr Shamir Tandon speaking about how the band was conceptualized and the many stories that revolved around during the formation of the band. This would entail the struggles he had to face while scouting for members of the band and the incidents that took place during the same.

It would be followed by a few members of the band throwing some light on their side of the story. The band members would speak about their background and the challenges that they have had to face due to their gender. The talk would end on a positive note with the band describing how the project has helped change their life.