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Stage Talks – 2021

Stage Talks

FORBIDDEN… a work in progress Aditi Mangaldas

22nd January 2021
19.35 -20.05

Video screening & Conversation
Duration: 30 mins

A contemporary dance performance based on Kathak, FORBIDDEN has been conceptualized, choreographed and performed by Aditi Mangaldas along with well- known collaborators from the UK including Farooq Chaudhry, Morag Deyes, Michael Hulls, Nickie Wells, and Kimie Nakano.

The ‘work in progress’ video gives a glimpse of the upcoming production that is about women empowerment, simultaneously questioning whether empowerment also means that she can own her own desires… without the societal sanction that forbids female fantasy?

Turning to mythology and stereo-typical images to question this, thereby exploring the female energy in all its encompassing beauty and power, Aditi asks why the world is scared of female fantasy? Why are women killed, sanctioned, compartmentalized for having the courage to own their own desires? Hence, FORBIDDEN.

Chekka Bommalata (Stick Puppets) by Shankar Mothe and troupe

24thJanuary 2021
10.30 -11.10

Duration: 40 mins

Chekka Bommalata, a wooden-string puppetry, is one of the rare folk-art forms of India that uses human-sized puppets made of wood. This traditional art form of Telangana has a history of six generations and a number of stories to perform. However, it is in danger of extinction but for the efforts of two troupes. The puppeteers are known as ‘Bommalollu’ and the puppets are handed down the generations and only costumes are changed.