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Storytelling 2022


Save Endangered Stories with Grannies
Megh Risaldar – Food 4 Thought Foundation

29th January 2022
02.00 pm - 02.50 pm

Age group: 50 mins

At Food 4 Thought Foundation, we believe that the strength of our long-lasting culture is its ethos. The values and belief systems that have been passed down the generations through folklore and stories told to us by our grandparents are now losing their space in our lives as we move into the age of nuclear families and fast-paced lifestyles. These stories are facing extinction and getting lost in the maze of unwarranted data and information and digital distractions. 

Project “Save endangered Stories” focuses on recording and saving these endangered stories and folklore narrated by our grandparents. These recorded stories will also be digitized later and be available for wider circulation and reference through e-library so that the legacy of these stories passes on to the next generation. 

Name of the Grandmother : Kore Surya Latha
Language : Telugu
Name of the story : Parahitam

Name of Grandmother : Saraswati
Language : Kannada              
Name of the Story : Proud hen and Granny

Name of the grandfather: S.C.Bhargava
Language : Hindi
Name of the Story : Two Prince

Name of the grandmother: Indumati Ramdeo
Language : Marwari
Name of the Story: Hoshiyar Memana