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Treasure Walks

The Rock Walk
Duration: 60 minutes
The HPS Eco Trail is a rendezvous with rocks that will leave you better informed and more enthusiastic about these fascinating rock formations. HPS is the perfect venue for sampling the 2500 million old rock legacy of the Deccan. As HLF celebrates all forms creative, the Society to Save Rocks—the only NGO that works exclusively for Rocks will give the literary buffs an opportunity to marvel at Nature’s creativity.


Scavenger Photo Hunt
(With Focus on Creative and Visual Thinking)
Age group: 16 and Above 
Most of the communication in today’s world is visual. But the academia continues to focus on the written word. It is important to teach the child 21st century communication skills in a fascinating way. That is what this workshop will do for your child and you.
Basics of Photography and Composition 
Framing: The session will be focussed on the basics of framing. How to make your pictures visually appealing!
Rules of Photography: Children will be familiarised with basic rules of photography. From rule of thirds to golden ration or phi grid, we will cover the foundation. 
Scavenger Hunt: We will divide the children into teams of two and they will have to go and click a list of pictures. The panel will decide the winning team based on the time taken and the visual appeal of framing. Finally, the winning images will be played on slideshow on projector. (If time permits, we will show images of all teams and discuss).


The Heritage Trail
Hyderabad Public School is housed in iconic buildings that stand testimony to its glorious past. Goplalakrishna, a trailblazer in heritage walks, will take you through these magnificent precincts.

The Tree Walk
From Baobab to Baobab
26 and 27 January, 3:30–4:30 pm 
We often walk oblivious to the trees that shade us from above. Come for a walk around HPS to look at, and learn about interesting aspects of the trees on the campus. This walk gives you a guided tour of the trees on the beautiful campus of HPS. Kobita Dass Kolli and Sadhana Ramchander will lead the walk.