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Interview with V Ramnarayan

Interview with V Ramnarayan

Writing Cricket

What is good cricket writing?

I think, to keep it simple is the mantra one should follow while writing about cricket. The style of writing must be comprehensible to everybody and not just the cricket freaks. Moreover, it is not necessary to be a good player of cricket to write about it. Good writing comes out of expressive and communicative techniques which also needs a touch of complex journalism. Therefore writing in cricket can be divided into descriptive and analytical, both of which need expertise in journalistic skills to bring out the best work.

How much of the game does one needs to understand?

Knowing the game helps in writing more about the game, and the more the better. It is evident that this game is a complex one. Cricket has evolved over  time. Earlier there was only commentary while the match was going being played. Now with the emergence of TV and internet, people can watch the match again and again. Therefore, everybody has gained enough knowledge in the game and it tends to look more complex than what it is.

There are various styles of writing cricket – journalistic, biographical, autobiographical, fictional and also film writing. Which of the above would you prefer while writing about cricket?

I like biographies and autobiographies. My favourite being the Gullivers sports series. I have read plenty in this genre and is highly knowledgeable. I have written them primarily to let people know about the effort that goes into a field like this. The only pointer to keep in mind while writing cricket is to try to be honest and unbiased.

Do you think reading about cricketers is inspiring?

Absolutely, I have drawn a lot of inspiration by reading and admiring some great works on and by cricketers. Reading is an integral part when you are looking forward to writing something on the same lines.

What could be the possible reason for Hyderabad’s bad performance so far?

Back then, we (players) spent a lot of quality time together after matches, during stayovers and journeys unlike the scenario now, wherein cricketers are busy shooting for commercial purposes. There was a lot of humour in the conversations we used to have and it used give us an intrinsic motivation which lacks in this era of cricket players.


-Chandana Surapaneni




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