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Art Events

A Tribute to Chandralekha: Photographs by Dashrath Patel and Sadanand Menon

The late Chandralekha’s body of work, often used as a yardstick by which new and contemporary dance from India is being measured, expresses a basic wonder at the complexity of the body, which the repository of poetry and power. Chandralekha’s choreography constitutes a deep interrogation of the Bharatanatyam form in a proscenium space as well as its mechanically interpreted mythological content. A few of her photographs-large and small, will be displayed as part of a commemorative tribute

Every City is a Story: Graphic Artworks by Jai Undurti and Harsho Mohan Chottoraj

A city is more than the sum of its buildings and roads and monuments and people. A city is also an act of the imagination. This exhibition will show how the city is fractured and torn apart through panels and gutter spaces only to be reassembled in the viewer’s imagination. Apart from artist Harsho Mohan Chattoraj’s work on Hyderabad: A Graphic Novel, the exhibition will also showcase the collaborations between writer Jai Undurti and various leading artists including Kishore Mohan (on the ‘interior’ landscapes of The Game), StanChou (dystopic future Hyderabad of The Robots of Dharma) and many more top- notch talents.

As a tribute to the great Smt M S Subbalakshmi, Mr Avinash Parischa will display some of her photographs taken by him followed by a talk and film.

Crossing the Lakshman Rekha – Shakti,Sensuality, Sexuality
Art Installations by Katharina Kakar

Katharina Kakar’s exhibition “Crossing the Lakshmana Rekha – Shakti, Sensuality, Sexuality” tells multiple stories about women that emerge from her own personal sense of India, in India she has experienced for the last 20 years as a writer, an academic, an artist. One of the most important pre-requisites for the achievement of her artistic goals is Katharina Kakar’s extraordinary sensibility towards the characteristic traits and complex meanings of materials that are without tradition in the context of art: dried fish, chillies, spices, ash, plastic garbage, to name a few. The role of the female and her place in society is central to this exhibition. Katharina’s Exhibition, installation and workshop will be presented at HLF 2017.

Art o Graph – Art and the Written Word: Curated by Avani Rao Gandra, Iconart Gallery

‘Art  o Graph’ proposes art works in multimedia and new media format in the form of art installations, incorporating literary elements of alphabet, word, verse, text or narrative symbols. A written word is worth a thousand spoken words. It resonates in its form as an inquiry, contiguity. In its metaphor and symbolism there are new openings and reverberations beyond its visual form. These works unite literary elements in their art installations and it is expected  there will be a shift that unfolds new experiences and narratives. The clarity, noise or blurred forms of text in varying mediums  form additive effect to the individual content that range from reflecting on the self, urban issues, well being, environment, poetic sentiments and identity.

Participating artists

Swetha Chandra, Maredu Ramu, Sonali Laha, Sayoni Laha, Pavan Kumar . D, Ravi Kumar Nayak .P,
Sai Sheela .K, Archana Rajguru Biswas, Ajit Kumar Mahato, Avani Rao Gandra, Debabrata Biswas, 
Farzona Khanoon

Bol Hyderabad—Radio Booth by Students of the University of Hyderabad

Take a break from the hubbub of the Lit Fest by delving into the sound archives of Bol Hyderabad, the University of Hyderabad’s campus community radio station. Grab a set of headphones and select from a range of interviews and discussions with writers, scholars, activists, artists and some just plain interesting people. You can also record your views and experiences with literati and their work and become a part of HLF’s own audio archive.

Divya Disha: Paintings by Children from Urban Slums

Divya Disha facilitates the children’s voices through the PLMB (Patnam Lo Maa Balyam) platform using painting and drawing as a medium of expression. They will present 20 paintings by the children living in the urban slums, expressing their physical living conditions along with their ideas on child-friendly neighbourhoods and their right to a child-friendly city.

Demonstration and Exhibition of Paintings by Mouth and Foot Painting Artist Srilekha Mandalapalli

Formed in 1956, the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists is an international, registered society of disabled artists wholly owned and run by artists themselves to meet their financial needs. Members paint with brushes held in their mouth or foot as a result of a disability sustained at birth or through an accident or illness that prohibits them from using their hands. Srilekha Mandanapalli is one such member who will be demonstrating her skill at the festival.

Paintings by Telangana Artist Bharath Bhushan G

Bharath Bhushan is a very versatile artist. Among several others, he has exhibited paintings of Ganesha, Hanuman and Kala Bhairavudu. His new works include series on faces, cats, roosters and women. The sheer colour and texture of his paintings have to be seen to be believed! He has also worked on a series on Jesus Christ. He is an accomplished photographer, and if one wants to know what rural Telangana looks like, one should see the thousands of photos taken by him.


Art on Water: Installation of sails by Yacht Club of Hyderabad, Iconart Gallery, US Consulate, Dr Reddy’s Foundation, GMS Varalakshmi Foundation

For World Water Monitoring Day Sept 17 2016  the US Embassy commissioned Avani Gandra of Iconart Gallery to get artists and children to paint the sails of little boats (Optimists) at the Yacht Club of Hyderabad.

Artists V.Ramakrishna, D.Pavan Kumar, Sweta Chandra and Avani herself put brush and spray to sail cloth and converted blank white sails into works of art and assisted many children to follow suit on 6 
additional sails. The idea was to “increase awareness towards saving the Earth’s water resources through visual exploration by painting symbolic motifs connected to the importance of water as a life

The Yacht Club of Hyderabad has sailed these on the water and created an installation at the Hyderabad Literary Festival under the title ‘Art on Water’. The exercise has been partnered by the US
Embassy, Dr.Reddy’s Foundation and GMR Varalakshmi Foundation.

YCH will provide anybody interested in learning the basic Kayaking strokes a ride on the Kayaks placed on bean bags and provide them some basic information about sailing at the stall. They will also
showcase the work they do and play a few videos of sailing.

Installation Art by Kalakriti Art Gallery

“Re-finding the Form”, is a unique series of artworks which is an outcome of recreation of “form” out of my recent sculptural elements. The artwork envisioned to denote the technological advancement in general and artistic recreation in particular in search of innate art forms. It is also an effort to
deconstruct the complex understanding of contemporary art making. The series may be seen as a continuous progress with constant empirical growth of artistic practice reacting to the inevitable engagement with the possibilities of technology. The fundamental idea of these artworks is to represent freedom to explore newer realms of knowledge systems through self-reliance, experimentation and everlasting expedition in search of new realms.

These sculptures are created using the basic forms inspired by cosmos, particularly influenced by the concept of union and creation of nature and decentralization of energy.

Radio Art by University of Hyderabad, Radio Revolten, Goethe-Zentrum

HLF will have specified sound stations, where Ralf Wendt and Michael Nicolai from Radio Revolten, Germany, will curate some radio art, with modern and contemporary German literatrue. So an electrified Franz Kafka can be heard as well as literature read; a Heiner Müller performed live on the streets by passerby or live presentations of  listeners’ own written texts via the telephone as part of a radio programme.

‘Leave me Alone!’ An Interactive Installation by Neha Parikh

The artwork explores aspects of the role metaphors play in our conceptualization of non-human animals and how this relates to our conceptualization of humans.

Installation by Raghavendra Chowdhari

In the installation, real umbrellas have been painted with acrylic, to illustrate the concept of the hole in ozone layer. It is a strong message to stop polluting the Earth, and to give more value to coexistence by living life close to nature and protecting our surroundings.

Tree walk – Baobab to Baobab 
3.30–4.30 pm 
27 and 28 January 2017
Come for a walk around HPS to look at, and learn about interesting aspects of the trees on the campus. Kobita Das Kolli and Sadhana Ramchander will lead the walk.    
Meeting point: Outside Shaheen