Kalyani Thakur Charal

Kalyani Thakur Charal is a Dalit feminist poet who writes in Bangla. Her publications include four volumes of poetry: Dhorlei Juddho Sunischit, Je Meye Adhar Gone, Chandalinir Kabita, Chandalini Bhone; a volume of critical essays Chandalinir Bibriti; a collection of short stories; and an autobiography, Ami Keno Charal Likhi (Why I Write Charal). She has edited the volume Dalit Lekhika: Women’s Writing from Bengal. Since 2003, she has been publishing a multilingual magazine Nir which contains recordings of folklore, poetry, plays, and fiction, as well as non-fiction writing focusing on Dalit experiences. She won the Sparrow Literary Award in 2017 for her autobiography.

Speaker @ HLF 2023, 2022

12:10 pm - 12:55 pm

November 2022 Kaavya Dhaara

Session 3

Kalyani Thakur in conversation with Sayantan Mondal

Language: Bangla

10:50–11:35 am

28 Jan HLF 2023 - Day 2

Kaavya Dhaara | Poetry Reading (Multilingual)

Deepti Naval, Jerry Pinto, Kalyani Thakur

IIL Hall

12:30–1:15 pm

29 Jan HLF2023 - Day 3

Literary Sessions | Panel Writing from the Margins

Kalyani Thakur, Manasa Yendluri Moderator: