Lalita K

Lalita K is a researcher, editor, and author in Telugu and English. She is the co-author and editor of classics in feminist historiography Manaku Teliyani Mana Charitra (1986, We Were Making History), Women Writing in India (1991), and Savalaksha Sandehalu (1990, Taking Charge of Our Bodies). Darulesina Aksharalu (2014), Rupture, Loss and Living (2016), and Antam Varaku Anantam (2019) are among her recent works. She was a founder member and President of Progressive Organisation of Women, founder member of Stree Shakti Sanghatana (SSS), and founder member and coordinator of the Anveshi Research Centre for Women’s Studies. She continues to be engaged with Anveshi and Yugantar.

Speaker @ HLF 2023