Noor Baig

Noor Baig is a Playwright, actress, author Noor Baig was born in Chennai and is a Gold Medalist in Visual Communications and International Studies. After a stint with the Australian Consulate, she is presently Vice-President of Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Foundation. She wrote several plays which received wide global acclaim, some of them being ‘Quli - Prince of Hearts’, ‘Spaces’, ‘Under an Oak Tree’. Two of her short stories became full-fledged theatre productions and were staged in several countries overseas. Her published work includes a biography ‘From Darkness to Light’ and a collection of short stories ‘A-Quaint-Essences’. She has acted on international stage as part of Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Foundation repertory plays, co-starring with her husband Padmasri Mohammad Ali Baig. Her writings are acclaimed for her touching insights into human relationships, Indian culture and Hyderabadi heritage.

Speaker @ HLF 2023