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Cultural Events

Jatayuvadham  (4th Act of Ascharyachoodamani of Sakthibhadra)
Margi Madhu, Indu G

24th January 2020
Time: 18.45 – 20.15

Ascharyachudamani is one of the most important plays in the repertoire of Kutiyattam, and it has retained its popularity through the centuries of the existence of this theatric form.

In the play, Ravana, disguised as Maya Rama, carries away Sita in a chariot. The charioteer (Suta) is in disguise as Maya Lakshmana. In the chariot, Sita’s hand happens to touch Ravana while she is tying her hair. By the power of the ‘Choodamani’ (magic gem given to Sita by Rama for protection against harm) that Sita is wearing on her finger, Ravana’s evil spell is removed and his ‘maya’ ceases to work. The ‘maya’ Rama form is lost and Ravana appears in his true form. But, Ravana does not realize his change of form.

After abducting Sita, when Ravana is returning to Lanka, he is challenged by Jatayu. In the ‘marma’ war that ensues, Ravana lies while Jatayu tells the truth. Ravana deceptively kills the giant bird and heads for Lanka.

Banaras ka Thug

25th January 2020
Time: 19.00 – 20.00

Conceived by Anuradha Kapur & Vidya Rao
Story: Khwaja Ahmed Abbas
Direction: Anuradha Kapur
Group: Vivadi and Khwaja Ahmed Abbas Memorial Trust, New Delhi

 An unknown man finds himself in Banaras—a city he only partially recognizes.  Moving through this bewildering place, meeting various people, he questions the rules of the city.  At the end, his identity is revealed.  But—is he indeed just that single person? Or is he possibly every one of us?

One  actor, three musicians, and a bicycle—that trusted vahan of the worker, and icon of modernity and youthful romance in the mid-20th century—tell this story as  Abbas’ text,  and poetry from different times and spaces weave together to alert us  to the wanderer’s and our own predicaments as we negotiate the world.

 On Stage:
Actor: Danish Iqbal
Music/Singer: Vidya Rao
Harmonium: Ashique Kumar
Tabla: Shanti Bhushan Jha   

Off Stage:
Lighting Design: Himanshu B Joshi
Production Control & Bicycle Fabrication: Nihal Kardam      

Khayyam ke Aaayam
Mahesh Joshi

26th January 2020
Time: 17.00 – 18.00

Mohammed Zahur Khayyam Hashmi (1927–2019), better known to music lovers as Khayyam, was a true connoisseur of powerful poetry. He was associated with eminent poets like Kaifi Azmi, Saahir Ludhianvi, and Majrooh Sultanpuri and his music made some of their work immortal. This tribute to the legendary music director explores the different facets of Khayyam’s musical prowess from romantic ghazals to songs with social message, and relives some of the magic from Khayyam’s classics like Umrao Jaan, Razia Sultan, Kabhi Kabhie, Bazaar, and Aakhri Khat.