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‘Dharti Ki Doctori’ with Rajendra Singh


In the second plenary session of Hyderabad Literary Festival (HLF), Rajendra Singh (former doctor from Rajasthan) illuminated the audience with his talk on Climate Change, Global Warming and Water Management.

The audience sat enraptured and were swept by the sheer power of his rhetoric and resounding words and reacted with well-timed applauses.

He used to be a doctor in Rajasthan but a farmer whom he dearly referred to as ‘Mangu Kaka’ inspired him to ‘treat the earth’ rather than treat its humans. Recalling this fond anecdote, Singh told the audience that he started his ‘dharti ki doctor’.

He’s responsible for reviving twelve dry rivers; 9 in Rajasthan, 2 in Maharashtra and 1 in Karnataka. 1.5 lac wells have been recharged under his initiative using natural methods like utilizing underground AccuForce.

And he has done all of this without any aid from the government,  monetary or otherwise.

Singh does not believe in exploiting the Reserve Bank deposits and investing purely in technological aid to curb the problem of water scarcity.

He believes in a more conservative, natural and  community based method of water preservation since technological intrusion not only drains money but also has other side effects like pollution.

Author: Sayona Bose

Edited by: Beneath The Ink (

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