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22 January 2021 - 11 February 2021

Notes, Documents & Processes – impressions from a school

Coordinated, Curated and Presented by Abeer Gupta and Shruti Mahajan

Presented as a part of a literary festival, this assemblage explores ways in which visual art responds to  ideas of notes, diaries, or preparatory documentation as a basic tenet of artistic expressions. Often an integral part of the process and often transformed into an artifact, it dwells within the core of the artist’s agency. 

 Part of a process of engagement with both materials and ideas, opening up dimensions of reading a (visual) text; distinctive approach of seeing, incorporating literary/ performative tools, the politics of history and heritage; drawing from ideas of absence-presence, observing the mundane and the mysterious, demarcating space-boundaries. 

 In the artworks presented we trace the artist’s journey as a witness and a chronicler – exploring an engagement with spaces – physical, natural (environment), human, and ideological. 

 The exhibition attempts to weave some of these ideas, expressions and activism across time, as a process of exploration of form and a practice of a particular school.

Participating Artists: Alok Bal, Puja Mondal, Pankaj Sarma, Niyeti Chadha Kannal, Sakshi Doshi, Rashmimala Devi, K G Subramanyan, Vasudevan Akkitham, Suresh B V, Indrapramit Roy

Allegories and Voices: Contemporary Drawing as Thought

“Drawing is vision on paper” (Andrew Loomis)

Coordinated, Curated and Presented by Tanmay Santra

The exhibition features drawings by various artists from across the country. Comprising nearly 60 selected drawings by 17 Indian artists, the show highlights the endurance of drawing as a method of art, and explores the fundamental nature of drawing through themes such as place and space, home, memory, identity and power. The online exhibition showcases drawings by Parthapratim Deb, Ashok Bhowmik, Prabal C. Boral, Dilip Mitra, Salil Sahani, Mahula Ghosh, Santanu Mitra, Tanmay Santra, Tapasi Nath, Sabir Ali, Sumana Som, Goutam Pal, Girish Chandra Behera, Anirban Mishra, Vivekdas, Suhaima, as well as exciting drawings by lesser-known artist Bidyut Lata Santra. The exhibition aims to contextualize different approaches, visual identities, and languages through a range of drawings done in different media and materials by the artists.

The Pedagogical Clutch: Group Exhibition by the SN School Artists

Coordinated Curated and Presented by Atiya Amjad

The Pedagogical Clutch is a compilation of artworks produced by past and present students of Sarojini Naidu School of Fine Arts, University of Hyderabad. The exhibition reviews the role of art education in the making of the artists. The curatorial agenda is to understand the role of the SN School in nurturing and guiding the students. This show will examine the concepts, skills, styles, and ideologies adopted by the students. Although the students are traversing their individual trajectories, the School has played a huge role in moulding their thought processes, techniques, and articulations. Above all, this show is a tribute to the masters and students alike, who together, weaved the history and legacy of the Sarojini Naidu School of Art and Communication.

Participating Artists: 

Aastha Kejriwal, Abhirag SB, AC Ashwin, Afza Tamkanat, Ajit Kumar Mahato, Akshay Anand, AM Murali, Anju Acharya, Annwesha Malakar, A Rajeswara Rao, Arkadipta Sarkar, Arooshi Bagri, Aruna Rao, Aryama Pal, Ashish Kumar Motwani, Atreyee Bhattacharjee, Chandan Roy, CS Vishnu, Deepak R. Shirodkar, Dipika Roy, Divya Shinde, Faiza Hasan, Fawad Tamkanat, Gireesh GV, Gouri Vemula, Gurudeb Palai, Indrajit T Prasad, Jagadish Dhyan Shreyas, Krishna Reddy Muchinthala, Kusum Viswanath, Lisa Herzeline Raphael, LNV Srinivas, Manohar Chiluveru, Masuram Ravikanth, 

Murali Thrigulla, Nadirsun, Neha Jethva, Neha Verma, Nipun Kumar, Om Surya, Partha Dutta, Pradeep Kumar Murmu, PJ Stalin, Priti Samyukta, Priyanka Aelay, Rajashree Naik, Ranjeet Kumar, R Mariraj, Sachin Naik, Sajid Bin Amar, Sarmistha Bose, Saroj Kumar Badatya, Srinivasa Chari Kolcharam, Sriparna Dutta, Sumantra Sardar, Sunil Chawdiker , Sunil Lohar, Susnata Chatterjee, Tailor Srinivas, Tanya Kundu, Udaya Chiluveru, Umesh Singh, Upayan Bardhan, aishnavi Gandhi, Varunika Saraf, Vasant Viraj Naik, Vidya Chauhan, Virendra Maurya, Vishnu Kumar KK and Vivek Das

Continuous Stream of Kalabhavan Santiniketan

Coordinated, Curated and Presented by Koeli Mukherjee Ghose, Anand Ghose &  Poosapati Parameshwar Raju

Kala Bhavana, the art school founded by Rabindranath Tagore at Santiniketan, celebrated its centenary last year. To present the art opus of the Kala Bhavan family, essentially the art school of Santiniketan Visva Bharati University, consisting of the alumni, the teachers and students, this an opportune moment, an exhibition that is long due to understand the ethos and the aesthetic of the Institution occupying a pre-eminent place in the history of modern Indian art, relatable to the practices of Bauhaus in the logic of parallelism with a difference.  
The curatorial underscore would be to integrate all the parallel strains and discern the pedagogic intertwinings reflecting in the exhibits that may be sectioned to deal with a full bodied participation and aligned according to the context at the core of the exhibits to express the  -‘Continuous Stream of Kalabhavan Santiniketan.’