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A Home Within’ – Meditation Workshop at HLF 2019


‘The Home Within’ meditation workshop was conducted by Sarada Chiruvolu at ICFAI Hall on the inaugural day of the Hyderabad Literary Festival 2019 on January 25.

The workshop was close to three hours long and open to all. The audience primarily consisted of young adults and students.

The instructor shared her knowledge on meditation and the importance of the ‘prana’. She also answered questions regarding the intake of a balanced diet and how walking helps keep the human body keep fit.

Chiruvolu explained the ‘Raja’ Yoga technique of meditation and directed the participants through a brief exercise of meditation.

During the exercise, the participants were asked to keep their eyes shut and to focus on a random photograph.

Chiruvolu noted: “Prana and Oxygen are not the same thing. Oxygen carries prana whereas prana is vital energy”

Author: Harshitha Reddy

Edited by: Beneath The Ink (Link:

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