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Interview with Poile Sengupta and Pranava Singhal.

Interview with Poile Sengupta and Pranava Singhal.

Indian Drama in English

Poile Sengupta :

What advice would you give young aspiring Indian writers who are women?

To be published is a difficult. To aspiring writers, read a lot to know what is writing. Keep doing it never mind the form, the length, the size just keep doing it. Talk about it to friends and family, keep evolving. The first piece isn’t genius. The writing needs to evolve to become readable. It’s very lonely to be a writer, to sit in front of a computer or a type writer writing.

How difficult is it to write for children?

People think it is easy to write for children however to write for children is difficult.

Do you think writing has evolved over the years?

There has been a lot of evolution. Wonderful things are happening to us. The world looks to us Indians, for writers, poets and dramatists. The world has discovered that India has such talented people. We also have the wealth of technology and a lot of brainy people.

–  You get so much information from various media, how do you think this affects the way you write?

It does, lot of information is now accessible. Digital media is unlimited, it opens up our awareness. The media has made information readily available, that people don’t want to open the paper and read. As a child, we didn’t have the television or the internet etc so when we wanted to get away from life we would read a book. Now other forms of entertainment are difficult to accept. I find the internet difficult to accept.

Has being brought up all over India help you with your writing?

It has shaped me, the stories the myths, the history, the very many languages and dialects have made an impression on me. I feel humble to inherit this and be and Indian.


Pranava Singhal :

What would be your advice for aspiring theatre artists in Hyderabad?

Join a group, do some theatre, some young some old and all are doing good work. To get into theatre is to do it.


 As an expert in lighting and set design, which path do you suggest for people interested in studying the art of lighting and set design?

At undergraduate level there is no university that offers a course in lighting and set design. Join a group, know your interests and then look at institutes at masters level. Hands on is the best way to learn.


As an integral part of the Hyderabad theatre scene for about three odd decades, how has the scene evolved over the years?

There has been a tremendous evolvement. Once upon a time, about 30 years ago there were only 2 groups performing in English, 1 group in Hindi and 1 group in Telugu. Now there are new spaces and more opportunities available. This gives youngsters a chance to innovate at a low price. Theatre is more readily available now.

–  As a resident of the city do you find that there are adequate cultural spaces available for people interested in the theatre arts?

There is a shortage of affordable cultural spaces.

-Adithi Ghosh

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