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Girish Karnad: In Memoriam
The Little Theatre, Hyderabad

24th January 2020
Time: 17.45 – 18.45


The Little Theatre, Hyderabad presents a 45-minute programme in memory of the legendary Girish Karnad.

The audio visual presentation will consist of dramatized readings of excerpts from some of Karnad’s classics, glimpses of films in which he played significant roles, playback of the theatre anthem that he was responsible for, and also ‘memorabilia’ sessions where people who have had the pleasure of intimate interactions with Karnad, share their experiences.

The Little Theatre will be represented by Shankar Melkote, BS Prakash among others.

Framed as a Terrorist
Vijit Singh

25th January 2020
Time: 17.45 – 18.45

The story is a theatrical adaptation of a real-life incident. 18-year-old Mohd. Aamir Khan lives in Old Delhi and his life suddenly takes a scary turn when he plans to visit Karachi to meet his sister who is married and is settled in Pakistan. The Indian Intelligence Department gets to know about his visit and gives him the responsibility of collecting some crucial documents from Pakistan. As instructed, Amir collects the documents but due to security checks at the border, he fails to bring them across. The Intelligence Department, however, conludes that he has sold the documents to someone in Pakistan and they declare him a terrorist. False cases of 22 bomb blasts at various places in India are foisted on him and he is imprisoned. After 14 years of struggle for justice, the court declares him not-guilty and he is released from prison. This play narrates the saga of his struggle and his unwavering spirit.