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Let’s Talk about Saving the Environment

A discussion on the changing face of climate change and its impact on both nature and environment preservation took place on the third day of the Hyderabad Literary Festival.

The session, titled ‘Environmentally Yours’, was moderated by Anjali Pande and the panel included Karthikeyan, a wildlife photographer, author and WWF India associate for over a decade, Rohan Chakraborty, a well-known cartoonist and author of numerous books, and Sanjeev Shiva, a wildlife photographer who is interested in clicking snaps of the big cats as well as conserving their habitat.

The discussion began with answering the question: Over the years, has the perception of saving the environment changed?

Karthikeyan said that he was encouraged by his teacher to go and experience the magic of bird watching and that later motivated him to send out numerous nature-oriented newsletters, organise nature camps and sessions of the Merlin Nature Club.

Chakraborty’s answer to which was: he started to draw wildlife as a cartoonist in 2006 and since then he has worked exclusively for wildlife, as he believes cartoons attract more people, both old and young, towards the cause of the environment.

Shiva then spoke about his organisation ‘Claw’ and the awareness they provide to the public on environmental conservation especially on protecting the Tiger, and the empowerment of the local people.

When questioned on if ‘Tourism and Conservation’ can form a conciliatory balance, Karthikeyan said that, “It is very important to draw a line somewhere. India has abundant tourism, so tourists have to be mindful of the fact that they have to become the ambassadors of conservation.”

The panel then went on to discuss various topics such as: Is it was necessary to portray nature in a beautiful way rather than showing its chaos? And if we are painting a bleak picture for children.

To which, all the three panelist felt the need to showcase and capture the beauty of nature to bring more viewers and in turn, using that as a tool to make more people aware of the real state of nature.

Shiva used Hyderabad as an example and stated that once upon a time, the state was filled with rocks and now, there are only buildings and that the land has been turned into ‘Concrete Jungles’.

Chakraborty mentioned that he had written a few books for children and he had subtly, in a friendly tone that is easy to understand, explained the real status of nature through his books to the children.

Author: Aishwarya Johnson

Edited by: Beneath The Ink (

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