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Moving Images Talkies

Moving Images Talkies

23rd January 2020

Tongue Untied – The Story of Dakhani

23rd January 2021
14.00 Hours

Duration – 84 mins
Directed by  – GautaPemmaraju 

Tongue Untied: The Story of Dakhani (2017) by Gautam Pemmaraju is a film about a fallen language and its rich history. Poorly regarded for centuries, Dakhani’s glorious history and rich legacy has been largely ignored. A vernacular form of Urdu spoken across the Deccan region of central and south India, it was written out of history books and over 350 years of its classical literature has remained in the shadows. But there are many who keep the spoken form alive through their everyday pithy, folksy humour. While exploring the poetry of modern era satirists, this film simultaneously traces the journey of the language over time till its precipitous fall in the early 18th century. The language is a marker of a rich mixed culture born out of encounters between migrant Sufis and native saints—a unique Indo-Muslim encounter born in the Deccan. This is the story of a land, a people and their beloved language. This is the story of Dakhani.

ACFM – Award winning student films

23rd January 2021
16.00 Hours

Movie: Moksha (2018)
Duration: 15 mins
Director: Sameer Kumar  


Movie: The White Fields (2018)
Duration: 15 mins
Director: Kartik Parmar 

24th January 2020

Tongue Untied

Directed by Gautam Pemmaraju followed by Interaction of Sajjad Shahed with Gautam Pemmaraju

24th January 2021
10.30 - 12.30 Hours

Duration – 
Directed by  – GautaPemmaraju

Details – Coming soon

The Invisible Frame (2009)

24th January 2021
14.00 Hours

Duration – 60 mins
Directed by – Cynthia Beatt  
German film with english subtitles

Invisible Frame. A movie by Cynthia Beatt. In 1988, the British director Cynthia Beatt, who was based in Berlin, embarked on a journey into little-known territory. She filmed Tilda Swinton as they followed the Berlin Wall, capturing the inward-looking West Berlin and the over-the-Wall views of East Berlin. Today, Cycling the Frame (19881) is a rare historic document and Tilda Swinton is one of the world’s most admired performers. In Invisible Frame (2009), Beatt & Swinton re-trace the line of the Wall that once isolated West Berli