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Nanha Nukkad

Nanha Nukkad is a new feature being presented at HLF 2018, specially for our little visitors. Situated in the lap of Nature, in the verdant rockscape of Hyderabad Public School, we invite nanhe munhe literattis to enjoy story telling, reading Heidi in Hindi with music accompaniment, see a play Roby’s Garden, learn hands on activities like drawing, stroy telling, and others such held by various resource persons from across the country. Lil visitor’s may bring their parents and grandparents too.

Robi’s Garden

Robi’s Garden is a performance from the Storytelling Theatre programme at Bangalore Little Theatre. In 2011, BLT paid tribute to Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore highlighting his work for and with children. It was done through the original play script Robi’s Garden. The material for the theatrical production is drawn from the large fund of Tagore’s lesser known work, a lot of it for children, but enjoyed by grown-up audiences as well. These include verse, short stories, plays and sketches (his “riddle plays”), fantasies, autobiographical writing (especially his childhood memories), and the letters to his grand-daughter and other children.  “Robi’s Garden” had a very successful London production in November 2013 with four actors and two musicians. Subsequently BLT developed an abridged Storytelling Theatre format of the play for performances in a wide variety of spaces. The presentation is by two actors only, with audience participation.




Heidi (1881) is classic children’s fiction by the Swiss author Johanna Spyri. In this reading, accompanied by music, the point of departure is the story in German which has been translated by Avanti Deosthale into Hindi. Short teaser readings in Hindi and German will be followed by a reading in English by the Little Theatre. George Hull lends music on the sax. 

Story Telling
by Arati Kodali for Children

Who doesn’t like a good story, whether in the form of a film, a book, an audio tape or a nowadays rare occurrence – a live interactive story telling??!!?? And we tell our story all the time through our lives, in office, in school, at home, at a social gathering. We want to present our point of view, learn a lesson about life without having to actually commit a mistake and then learn. live story telling session cum workshop will be spread over three days for different age groups. The objective is to demonstrate what a good story does to psyche of the listener and improve story telling techniques of parents, teachers or anybody who tells a story. The workshop is a very interactive one and would not proceed without
audience participation!
All stories are original, with emphasis on human and animal rights, lessons learnt from history, science and philosophy.

Meditation and Creativity 
by Agnija Kazuša for Children

How can meditation lead to a more creative mind?

Why do we sometimes get ideas while taking a shower, cutting salad or right before going to bed? The presentation offers to explore creativity as a quality of the mind that everyone can have. Meditation and mindfulness are introduced as tools that can help train the mind to be peaceful, standstill and focused. Some tips are given for enhancing creativity in daily life and maintaining a free and positive mind while coping with day-to- day challenges. Along with the presentation, participants will be introduced to three meditation techniques that they will be able to try in a guided meditation session.


Story Writing
by Toral Shah for Children

Give children the opportunity to explore their ideas and to express them – A Creative Writing workshop to collaboratively create short stories for kids facilitated by kids.

Expression is important when it comes to transmission of ideas and thoughts. Making up stories is one of the ways to do so. Unlock your imagination, think weird, think different, think abstract. Write something that you would love to read!

Think of a plot, collaborate with your fellow mates to design an interesting story and draft it to make it your own