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Srujana Satyavada

Srujana Satyavada

Srujana Satyavada is analyst by the day, basketball enthusiast by the evening and a poet forever. Her first poem was titled ‘Lakshya’ and she writes under the name twosoulfuls, and mainly in Hindi. ‘Main maraaz nahi Hoon’ and ‘Kalam uthaaye ek arsa beet gaya hai’ are some of her favourite works. She has written the Hindi lyrics for the song ‘Believe’ by the band ‘When chai met toast’. Her “Main naraaz nahi hoon” has been shot by VoxSpace for their Facebook and YouTube channels.

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Kaavya Dhaara: Josh-e-Hyderabad

11:00 -13:00
Kaavya Dhaara Pavilion