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Anand Vishwanadha

Anand Vishwanadha

Anand Vishwanadha is a poet and photographer of nature. He has published three books of poems: Stray Birds (2013), Ink Dries (2012), and Moving On (2009). His bird and wildlife photographs have been exhibited at Thalam, Goethe Zentrum, Alliance Francaise, and at Indian Photography Festival. His deep bond with nature stretches back to his childhood in Odisha and a two-decade long tryst with motorcycle touring (he rode solo through Ladakh in 2005). He is the founder, promoter and Chief Sustainability Officer of Chitrak Eco Ventures. Anand has been hard of hearing (HOH) for most of his adult life, and identifies himself as deaf

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Panel: Surmounting Challenges

Goethe Hall


12:00 -13:00