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Dileep Jhaveri

Dileep Jhaveri

Dileep Jhaveri is a medical doctor, poet, playwright, and translator who writes in Gujarati and English. His publications include three collections of poems in Gujarati, three collections of poems in English, a play on The Mahabharata in Gujarati Vyasochchhwas (translated into English by Kamal Sanyal), a collection of articles House of Three Widows, and a translation of contemporary Gujarati poetry Breath Becoming A Word (translated into Irish). His work has been translated into many national and international languages such as Irish and English. He is a recipient of several awards, and is currently on the editorial board of Muse India.

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Kaavya Dhaara: Madyaantar

14:00 -16:00
Kaavya Dhaara Pavilion