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Heta Pandit

Heta Pandit

Heta Pandit worked with Dr Jane Goodall on chimpanzee research in Tanzania, East Africa. In 1983, she volunteered with an NGO in Bombay advocating heritage conservation. She came to Goa in 1995 and continued writing on heritage. A founder member the Goa Heritage Action Group, she has written nine books: Houses of Goa (2000), Hidden Hands (2003), Dust and Other Short Stories from Goa (2003), Walking in Goa (2004), In and Around Old Goa (2005), Walking with Angels (2006), There’s More to Life Than a House in Goa (2015), and Grinding Stories-Songs from Goa (2018).

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Grinding Stories

12:00 - 13:00

Myths with a twist and other stories from Goa

14:00 - 14:20