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Huzaifa Pandit

Huzaifa Pandit

Huzaifa Pandit is the author of Green is the Colour of Memory which won the first edition of Rhythm Divine Poets Chapbook Contest 2017. His poems alternate between despair, defiance, resistance, and compliance as they seek to make sense of a world where his identity is outlawed. His PhD topic (at University of Kashmir) “Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Agha Shahid Ali and Mahmoud Darwish – Poetics of Resistance” indicates his inspirations in poetry. His poems, translations, interviews, essays and papers have been published in journals like Indian Literature, PaperCuts, Life and Legends, Jaggery Lit, JLA India, Punch and Noble/Gas Qtrly.

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Kaavya Dhaara: Madyaantar

14:00 -16:00
Kaavya Dhaara Pavilion