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Kanishka Dasgupta

Kanishka Dasgupta

Kanishka Dasgupta

Kanishka Dasgupta has had his first fish in Calcutta, topped Symbiosis and Pune Univ in economics, been a copywriter, an MBA in Marketing and has worked with some stellar companies in Hyderabad and has a visiting card that says Head of Marketing; he has mostly mastered the art of straddling a dual life aka Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll.

While the former works to drive brand building, Dr. Jekyll does theatre and doodles. He has been a playwright, an award winning short film maker and a theatre actor with over 40+ performances with Dramanon Hyderabad for over a decade. He picked up doodling two years ago and uses everyday objects to present his art. His has conducted workshops on doodles which he calls “Oodles of doodles”

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Doodle Workshop

11:00-12:00, 14:00-15:00