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Menka Shivdasani

Menka Shivdasani

Menka Shivdasani is the author of four collections of poetry, the latest being Frazil (1980 – 2017). She is co-translator of Freedom and Fissures, an anthology of Sindhi Partition Poetry and editor of an anthology of women’s writing for Sound and Picture Archives for Research on Women. She has also edited two anthologies of contemporary Indian poetry for the American online magazine, Big Bridge. In 1986, Menka played a key role in founding Poetry Circle in Mumbai. Her work as a journalist includes 15 books co-authored/edited with Raju Kane, three of which were released by Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

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Kaavya Dhaara: Madyaantar

14:00 -16:00
Kaavya Dhaara Pavilion