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Sudhir Chandra

Sudhir Chandra

Sudhir Chandra is the author of Gandhi: An Impossible Possibility (2016), and editor of Violence and Non-violence Across Time: Religion, Culture and History (2018). He is currently engaged with the question of the possibility of non-violence in today’s world. His earlier work—a trilogy comprising Dependence and Disillusionment: Emergence of National Consciousness in Later 19th Century India (2011), Enslaved Daughters: Colonialism, Law and Women’s Rights (1998), and The Oppressive Present: Literature and Social Consciousness in Colonial India (1992)—explores the consciousness of the English educated in India. He has been associated with various academic institutions in India and abroad.

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Is Gandhi Relevant Today

14:50 -15:30
Karvy Kanopy

Plenary: Gandhi: An Impossible Possibility

Telangana Tourism Pavilion