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Udayabhanu Garikipati

Udayabhanu Garikipati

Udayabhanu Garikipati, the curator of these stories, has been actively working towards TYA (Theatre for Young Audience). In its endeavour to spread TYA, Bhoomika has been organizing the event, “Anaganaganaga: storytelling for kids, where he and his team curate stories from different parts of the world and perform them for kids taking them on a magical ride of wonderful adventures. Bhoomika theatre group has been actively working with children for the past decade and Udayabhanu Garikipati is one of the key members of the International organization, ASSITEJ, India – International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People working specifically for TYA (theatre for young audience).


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Anaganaganaga: Storytelling for Kids by Bhoomika

11:50 - 12:30