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From Translation as Transformation with Ila Arun


One of the afternoon workshops on the final day of the Hyderabad Literary Festival, 2019 was ‘Out & About: Unraveling Queer Lives’ by Patruni Shastry.

Shastry, a classical dancer and customer service expert, chose this session to enlighten people on gender and sexual orientations.

Shastry started the session by posing questions, like ‘do you wear pink?’, ‘do you fit in the correct gender bucket?’, ‘do you believe in humanity?’, among others.

These intriguing questions were met with interesting answers from the audience, thus, making it a very interactive session.

Shastry shared sensitising information on gender and sex, and shared his knowledge of biological sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, and gender identity.

This session helped in redefining and normalising the fluidity of gender.

Author: Harshitha Reddy

Edited by: Beneath The Ink (

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