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Workshops 2022


Zero Waste Closet - Bare Necessities
Mehul Manjeshwar
Rebekah David

29th January 2022
11.00 am - 12.00pm

Duration: 60 mins
Age Group: Open to all.
Participants: No limit!

Zero Waste Closet: Did you know that it can take 2,700 litres of water to produce the cotton needed to make a single t-shirt? While it is important to be efficient with our usage of clothes, a 2016 McKinsey report revealed that three-fifths of all clothing items will end up in an incinerator or landfill within a year after being produced! What can we do? Well, this workshop is here to walk you through all things sustainable. Combining fashion with practical actions, we can make a difference through our wardrobe.

The workshop will cover two DIY projects: how to make a throw pillow from an old t-shirt, and how to do basic patchwork.

The Flow Movement Lab
Patruni Chidananda Sastry

29th January 2022
12.30 am - 01.00pm

Duration: 30 mins
Age Group: 10 years
Participants: 20

Anyone can dance. Movement is natural and a moving body is a dancing body. The idea is to know how to create a movement so it becomes dance. Dance is a mixture of multiple movements and here we connect the idea of dance to the movement and flow of every human being. By the end of the workshop, it is hoped that the myth that dance needs a certain body type will be broken. This workshop helps one understand how dance is created and how one can use movement to tell stories, release energy through movement, and learn more about themselves. 

Safe Unsafe Touch Workshop for Kids Sayfty

29 & 30th January 2022
02.00 pm - 03.00 pm

Duration: 60 mins
Age Group: 3-8 years
Participants: 5-20

The only way to ensure that our children are protected against sexual abuse is to raise awareness. This workshop by Sayfty aims to do just that, by engaging with children and parents on a serious topic like safe and unsafe touch. It hopes to engage with the community at large and promote the need to start a conversation with children about important issues like these in order to prevent abuse in future.

Thank you for your interest. 
The session has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Character Creation: Meet Your New Main Characters

Moderator: Ulrike Syha

29th January 2022
02.00 pm - 5.00 pm

Duration: 3 hours with a short break
Age Group: Young adults or adults at the beginning of their writing career
Participants: 20 max

The workshop invites young adults and adults at the beginning of their writing career to bring their current writing project or a new project idea (a short story, a novel, a play, a film script …) and explore the main characters in their project more thoroughly, using writing exercises and prompts. Methods of character development, how to get started with a new writing project, and how to keep going without getting lost in the maze of our own creativity will be discussed.



Copyright: E. Girardet.

Reading Theatre
Asma Zaidi

29th January 2022
03.30 am - 04.30 pm

Duration: 45 mins
Age Group: 8-12 years
Participants: 30

This workshop for children aims to promote fluency, build confidence, and show the effect of voice modulation. Theatre requires movements, expressions, and gestures. The workshop focuses on demonstrating how reading with voice modulation can give life to different roles. It aims to familiarize children with different aspects of script and characters. This activity helps children to understand many concepts like:

  • Literary elements of a story: plot, setting, characters etc.

  • Text type: compare and contrast, cause-effect, chronological order

  • Purposeful non-fiction reading

Since this workshop is online, we will use technology to try and get into the skin of a role and have some fun! Anyone is welcome to join, observe and learn. The only prerequisite for participants is to be a fluent reader.

Rock Quiz

30th January 2022
11.00 am - 11.30 am

Duration: 30 mins
Age Group: Open to all
Participants: 100

Rocks are an important part of our ecological balance. The Society to Save Rocks based in Hyderabad aims to preserve and protect these spectacular ancient formations in the Deccan Plateau. 

Test your knowledge of rocks and gain information about them and their importance in our life by participating in this virtual quiz.

Join the Society to Save Rocks and become part of the movement to save rocks. 


Unboxing the Gender Pandora
Patruni Chidananda Sastry

30th January 2022
02.00 pm - 03.00 p

Duration: 30 mins
Age Group: 12+ years
Participants: 50


This workshop intends to educate people on LGBTQIA+ terminologies, ideas of sexuality and gender and how someone can be an ally of the queer community. This is a debrief session where some common sexual and gender orientations will be explained. The workshop also discusses pronouns and why they are important, enabling the participants to understand and respect each other. By the end of the workshop, the participants would learn about the LGBTQIA+ spectrum, the difference between gender and sexual orientation, and get familiarized with basic terms used for gender/sexuality.

Urdu Poetry Workshop
Riasath Ali Asrar

30th January 2022
03.30 pm - 05.00 pm

Duration: 90-100 mins
Age Group: 15+ years
Participants: 20-25

This basic interactive workshop is aimed at amateur writers and literature-enthusiasts who are looking for an introductory guide to Urdu poetry. A brief history of the language, its evolution, and its different poetic structures will be discussed along with an introduction to Urdu prosody.