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NRB – Youngistaan Nukkad


The fourth edition of Nation’s Rock Beat’s Youngistaan Nukkad at Hyderabad Literary Festival 2020 focuses on celebrating the aspirations of youth. It will be an amalgamation of creative art forms performed in an exclusive corner dedicated to youth at the most happening festival of the city. This edition of Youngistaan Nukkad will see new elements in the form of featured acts, street gallery, mehfil, and open mic ensuring an entertaining variety. It will be a corner glorifying art, dreams, passions and fun. The major addition this year is Meme-Me and Nomads. It will also see more students from different colleges participating in the festival. Enjoy the sheer vibrance that will emanate from this corner – open mics, featured performances, street art festival, street plays, live activities, dance carnival, and more!