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Youngistaan Nukkad

Youngistaan Nukkad

Haar Jeet: ‘Radio Play’

23rd January 2020
13.00 - 13.30

Duration: 30 mins
Actors: Vikas Mishra and Akanksha
Directed by: Devika Das

Radio Play is purely an acoustic performance with no visuals. It is all about dialogues, music and sound effects which make these plays interesting. The best part of this form of drama is that there are just as many visuals as the number of people listening to it. 2020 was a strain on our eyes with online classes, movies, IPL and so on. This audio drama reduces strain on the audience’s eyes as they can close their eyes and go into a state of imagination and thereby directing their own visuals.

Haar Jeet is a conversation between two journalists. It revolves around the struggle faced by a female journalist and the various accusations of misconduct that are alleged in order to excel in her career.